Translation of grind in Spanish:


moler, v.

Pronunciation: /ɡraɪnd//ɡrʌɪnd/

transitive verb

  • 1US

    (in mortar) moler
    (in mortar) machacar
    (in mortar) triturar
    picar River Plate Spain
    (crystals/ore) pulverizar
  • 2

    (lens/mirror) pulir
    (blade/knife) afilar
  • 3

    to grind sth into sth
    • he ground the cigarette end into the carpet incrustó / aplastó la colilla en la alfombra
    • to grind the faces of the poor into the dust oprimir a los pobres
  • 4

    to grind one's teeth bruxar

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (move with friction)
    the wheels of bureaucracy grind very slowly las cosas de palacio van despacio
    • the talks ground on for weeks las conversaciones continuaron a trancas y barrancas durante varias semanas
    • to grind to a halt / standstill
    • the truck ground to a halt el camión se detuvo con gran chirrido de frenos
    • the negotiations have ground to a halt las negociaciones han llegado a un punto muerto
  • 2informal

    (study hard)
    estudiar mucho
    darle duro al estudio Latin America
    empollar Spain informal
    tragar River Plate informal
    matearse Chile informal


  • 1informal

    trabajo pesado masculine
    rollo masculine informal
    paliza feminine informal
    back to the daily grind! ¡de vuelta al yugo!
    • With so many Mexican items in stores across the US, you can make your own chili powder by grinding your own spices.
    • For the chicken, using a mortar and pestle, grind garlic and salt to form a paste.
    • The bark is ground to an off-white powder that has a sweet taste and a pinelike odor.
    • Tenant farmers who toiled on the estate were obliged to use the mill to grind their corn.
    • Finally, drizzle the whole lot with olive oil and grind black pepper over everything.
    • Then the blackened beans are ground in a mortar.
    • He grinds pigments to a fine powder, then brushes them onto wet plaster, following the outlines of his sketches transferred earlier.
    • After harvesting, the corn needs to be ground into flour.
    • If the root is ground to a powder, as some growers do, it is then boiled to extract the liquorice essence.
    • The bark of this tree is collected fresh, well before the sunrise, and is ground up to make a herbal preparation.
    • Addicts either swallow the tablets or grind them into powder that can be inhaled or turned into liquid and injected.
    • Leaf samples were ground in small mortars in liquid nitrogen.
    • You take a handful of each herb, put it in a mortar, and grind it to a powder.
    • Millet is ground into flour and made into porridge by boiling it in water.
    • People grind the seed and use the powder to boil the tea.
    • The dried plant material was weighed and then ground finely using a ball mill.
    • She took to grinding the medication into powder and snorting it.
    • The bones are cleaned, toasted in oil and then ground into a powder.
    • Then the corn is coarsely ground to break the germ loose from other kernel components.
    • In a mortar and pestle, grind the chilli, salt and shrimp paste.
    • He studies, grinds and polishes Japanese swords and daggers for sale to museums and private collectors across the world.
    • In both operations, cutters had to be removed from the arbors and ground to resharpen.
    • Using a diamond grinder, she ground some of the bones flush with the concrete surface.
    • After cooling slowly, the piece is then ground to remove excess enamel, and polished.
    • Some people actually shave or grind down parts of their skates so that they can fit larger wheels.
    • Only in the black leaf bases did they reach the surfaces exposed by grinding off the charcoal.
    • Unaided by some kind of equipment, a person cannot grind down the surface of a rock; that's why a field geologist carries a hammer.
    • The generator is a compound surface grinder used to grind curves in the surface of the lens
    • When carving the background areas, one must be careful not to grind away too much white stone.
    • The large upright stone also bears the marks of where new adze heads were ground and sharpened.
    • Next, Tinsley Laboratories will grind and polish the mirrors and finally Ball builds the telescope.
  • 2USinformal

    (over-conscientious worker)
    she's the office grind es la niña aplicada de la oficina ironic
  • 3Irish

    (private classes)
    (feminine plural) clases particulares