Translation of grinding in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈɡrʌɪndɪŋ//ˈɡraɪndɪŋ/


  • 1

    grinding noise chirrido masculine
  • 2

    • 2.1(desperate)

      grinding poverty miseria absoluta feminine

    • 2.2US informal (strenuous)

      it was a grinding race/exam la carrera/el examen me dejó molido / hecho polvo informal
      • In more recent times, grinding poverty forced villagers to marry off their daughters at a young age because society dictated the girls were a financial burden.
      • And if they can't sell their stock, there are a lot of workers who may not have jobs and have to return to the grinding poverty of life in an agricultural village.
      • Selling drugs, as an alternative to enduring grinding poverty, has been a common enough response as the income gap has widened.
      • In this exceptionally picturesque region, beauty and grinding toil continue to coexist, very much as described in John Steinbeck's novels, notably The Grapes of Wrath.
      • Although he had almost no formal education and was dogged by grinding poverty all his life, Blake managed to create a type of original language that influences English to this day.
      • The vision of grinding poverty, crime, and corruption that it presents is unrelentingly grim.
      • There had been bad times before but nothing to compare with this grinding poverty.
      • Both stories capture the hopelessness and desperation of grinding poverty, but in very different ways.
      • They don't know about the ongoing insecurity, or the grinding poverty and unemployment.
      • Access to clean water can be the key to climbing out of grinding poverty.
      • More than 50 percent of Peru's population lives under conditions of grinding poverty.
      • It takes around two or three generations of sweatshops to go from the ancient pattern of peasant subsistence farming, with its characteristic grinding toil for women to where the country is now.
      • The majority of immigrants are from North Africa, especially Morocco, and are seeking escape from the grinding poverty in that country.
      • At first glance, bi-nationalism seems to offer an attractive exit from the grinding impasse of the current conflict.
      • I am struck by the grinding abject poverty I have seen.
      • And even in the capital city, signs of grinding poverty appear to contradict plaudits to the great leader.
      • He highlights the grinding poverty and harvesting problems which still afflict the population.
      • The book also reveals the grinding poverty of the day.
      • Critics of marriage agencies say they exploit the grinding poverty of women in developing countries, offering dreams of a new life in the West that often turn sour.
      • So the public's information inputs will tend to continue a perception of grinding, inertial failure.