Translation of gritty in Spanish:


arenoso, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈɡrɪdi//ˈɡrɪti/

adjectivegrittiest, grittier

  • 1

    (with grit in)
    (flour/powder) arenoso
    (mussels/towel) lleno de arena
    • The stuff isn't harmful in any way; it just tastes a little gritty and sticks to your teeth.
    • This time, the main concern was a significant ash plume carrying gritty pulverized rock and silica that could damage aircraft engines and the surfaces of cars and homes.
    • Feeling incredibly dirty and gritty, from all the dirt that she was covered under from her ride, Ari ran a bath for herself and scrubbed herself clean.
    • Fill with stones until three-quarters full then top up with gravel and a layer of very gritty compost on top, about 3in deep.
    • Everywhere there was desolation - trees black and bare-limbed and the ground covered with gritty black ash.
    • When the hard anthracite coal is mined the very fine, gritty material is called culm.
    • Shadow areas often take on a gritty or rough textured appearance.
    • The meatloaf was hard, and the mashed potatoes were gritty.
    • Blood is running freely from his nose and an open wound on his head, and he's covered in gritty, grey dust.
    • I kick up dust for those behind me and the gritty gravel sandpapers their wounds.
    • The rocky, gritty soil offers perfect drainage, but digging is nearly impossible.
    • By the next day, between a quarter and an eighth-inch of gritty, gray volcanic debris covered everything.
    • I was apparently indoors, though the floor was dingy and muddy and covered in gritty sand.
    • A grainy or gritty texture isn't considered a plus in the chocolate world.
    • The rough stones jutting out from the gritty mud walls appeal to my visual and tactile senses.
    • His forehead is pressed against the rough, gritty plaster of the wall, sharp against his nose.
    • Also, the underlayer of cement primer makes the ochre-gold acrylic surface look gritty and holds the tendency towards the decorative in counterpoint.
    • He ran a hand through his hair which felt rough and gritty.
    • He felt like hell when he came back to consciousness, bruised and covered in gritty sand.
    • Limestone comes in a range of guises from soft open poured travertine tiles to gritty, rugged flags.
  • 2

    • 2.1(resilient)

      (resistance/performance) enérgico
      • Only a few metres separated the pair as they charged off the fell and in the 100 metre sprint to the line Till managed to get onto Fretwell's tail and each showed a gritty determination to win.
      • The reason for India's good performance in the last couple of years was due to the solid performance of this gritty batsman.
      • He's polite, asking permission to smoke; but still, there seems something very gritty and determined about him these days.
      • Of modern Australian batsmen that I have seen, the best was Chappell, who had great power and elegance, plus gritty determination when he needed it.
      • Some people I spoke to gardened under very difficult circumstances, but gritty determination was winning the way towards a beautiful back yard.
      • The Western Bulldogs are both a very gritty football side and a classy side.
      • John produced a gritty performance just to finish, when others were falling about him.
      • They will certainly be competitive because they have some pretty gritty characters in there.
      • The same gritty determination holds true when it comes to answering a physical challenge.
      • His story is partly one of gritty determination, perfectionism and hard work.
      • Her courage, gritty determination and undoubted commitment to charity work is held in high regard throughout the world.
      • In a typically gritty display they hauled themselves back into the tie and earned themselves another chance to progress.
      • England's qualification will rely on some gritty away performances and I feel they may be few and far between.
      • Although seldom looking a danger they showed gritty determination to keep their line intact.
      • He's been a wonderful Captain, a wonderful batsmen, a gritty, determined competitor.
      • To claim that the All-Ireland champions performed badly on the day would do an injustice to the visitors' gritty performance.
      • The general mood is slight shock, covered by a gritty determination to get on with whatever needs to be done.
      • Theirs was a gritty performance which belied their recent run of form.
      • He outmanoeuvred and overpowered the gritty Australian to race through the opening two sets, hitting the corners of the court at will with his heavy groundstrokes.
      • If and when it comes to pass, then Carlow could become a very serious contender, given the gritty way they have played against several teams with full-timers on board.

    • 2.2(uncompromising)

      • The action takes place in a single subway car, and the company worked hard to capture the gritty, anonymous feel of the underground.
      • Right from the beginning of the pilot, what I liked about it was its gritty realism.
      • Gritty political realities aside, what future do people envision for Yugoslavia?
      • Instead, they will experience first-hand the often gritty reality of big city life in what has been titled ‘The Alternative London Trip’.
      • With this film, Loach digresses from his usual gritty themes of social realism to pose questions of culture, race and religion.
      • It took the genre back to its gritty and violently uncompromising origin.
      • Shooting the entire series on location in Baltimore was an essential part of this rough, gritty feel.
      • The film has a very gritty, realistic feel, again lifting it above being a merely stereotypical genre exercise.
      • York Central is an industrial wasteland of the type favoured by gritty cop dramas.
      • However, inmates still request the gritty urban tales.
      • This form of gritty realist cinema relies upon constant improvisation.
      • These images have none of the airbrushed niceties of much modern photography, and you pay for the gritty realism.
      • His love of gritty realism and distaste for overblown production values go back to Blackburn, where Winterbottom was born in 1961.
      • Australian landscape painting is perhaps better known for scenes of the vast uninhabited bush, or else gritty urban scenes.
      • The stories are mostly pretty gritty - loneliness, alienation and all that - but amazingly, the movie is so deftly handled as to never be too heavy.
      • This initial sequence of violence and sex is, utterly disturbing, gritty realism, set against a wider social violence.
      • As such, the photographs tell a collective story - one that is clearly shaped by editors who seek gritty and unflinching pictures.
      • It has that gritty realism that small budget English films are becoming known for, but plenty of lighter moments to balance the gloom.
      • But my appetite was whetted and I craved more gritty details.
      • The cinematography has a gritty, tough beauty to it.