Translation of grizzled in Spanish:


entrecano, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈɡrɪz(ə)ld//ˈɡrɪzəld/


  • 1

    • His shaggy mane of grizzled grey hair was in desperate need of a wash and a trim.
    • Mr. Olaster, a tall man with grizzled hair, looked over his glasses disapprovingly as she slipped into her seat near the door.
    • One man is rather grey and grizzled, with whiskers poking quite a way out of his brow.
    • ‘Never heard'a her,’ said a grizzled man with a dusty grey beard.
    • He smiled, showing surprisingly white teeth from such a grizzled, unshaven face.
    • Mathin was a tall melancholy man with a grizzled grey beard and little hair.
    • A tall, grizzled man with wild, greying hair, wearing an old cheesecloth shirt, he is incongruous in a settlement remarkable for its neat, well-spaced houses and broad central avenue.
    • Silver winked in the man's grizzled brown hair and in the stubble that grew on his cheekbones.
    • Farther along the wharf we find a small fleet of fishing boats bobbing in a slick of diesel, their grizzled crews eyeing us suspiciously.
    • Her grizzled hair stuck out from beneath a patched and tattered hat, which Hazel was almost certain the woman had knit herself.
    • Although the largest single group is made of grizzled white men, there was a black father with two happy young kids, some twenty-something Spanish student-types and well-dressed working people.
    • Baron Morgan, a grizzled old warrior with iron-grey hair, rose from his seat indignantly.
    • He had a grizzled beard with small specks of white running through the black.
    • It was a decidedly mixed crowd, with younger metal fans standing alongside grizzled concert veterans and mortgage-paying daddies.
    • Like a grizzled old investigative reporter once told me: It's not the stuff they try to hide that's the real scandal; it's the stuff they think they can get away with right out in the open.
    • The 35-year-old Scouser is greying and grizzled.
    • Though Mark Hughes is grizzled, nothing of his career has been grey.
    • In addition, fellow grizzled performers Allan Ramsay and Steven Stewart are lined up for, their 63rd and 62nd outings in the tournament.
    • He was short and stocky, with brown hair that was graying at the temples and a grizzled gray beard.
    • He was short and grizzled and somewhat round in the belly - he did not seem at all the threatening type.