Translation of grocer in Spanish:


tendero, n.

Pronunciation /ˈɡrəʊsə//ˈɡroʊsər/


  • 1

    tendero masculine
    tendera feminine
    almacenero masculine Southern Cone
    almacenera feminine Southern Cone
    the grocer's la tienda de abarrotes Mexico Andes Central America
    • Under his direction, a team of volunteers keeps a close watch on any businesses which come up for sale in the area and then helps young grocers or other food sellers to move in.
    • Many independent shops such as grocers, cafes and butchers now say they will not be able to afford the steep increase in rates on top of rent rises.
    • Moreover, another problem is that some grocers sell the subsidised food products which are allocated for the ration cards at higher prices.
    • It had 10 butchers, 10 grocers, six fish-and-chip shops, haberdashers, ironmongers and fruiterers.
    • Among the shops nearby were a grocers, a haberdashers, a sweet shop and a tripe shop.
    • Therefore, grocers and other food/beverage vendors must buy commercial refrigeration units.
    • By that stage everyone was trying to sell them, even grocers.
    • Food was delivered to the house by the grocer, greengrocer, baker and butcher.
    • The food shopping round here relies more on local grocers and butchers and farm shops such as the vast one at Friday Street than any supermarket.
    • In some cases, grocers have refused to sell food and petrol to anti-drug officials and vandals have slashed the tyres of their government vehicles.
    • She went to the grocers and bought food and supplies with her own money.
    • He came from a family of grocers in Abel Street but was determined to become a mining engineer, starting with dawn bike rides to Habergham Pit to his junior post.
    • Small specialist shops such as bakers, grocers and butchers in villages, and even towns and cities, are vanishing.
    • Next we drove to Granville Island and perused its Public Market with grocers, bakers, butchers, and crafts.
    • After all, your neighbourhood grocer would sell much the same stuff at double the price.
    • Vendors and grocers sponsored ingredients for the feast which included a three-course meal.
    • Gardeners tended her yard and flowers, and the grocer brought her groceries to her on his way home.
    • Awards will be made for first, second and third in categories for publicans, grocers and general.
    • It had its own butchers, bakers and grocers, not to mention three farms, a carpenters, a wheelwrights, several pubs and a brewery.
    • This is somewhat ironic since the majority of the wine sold in Britain has been sold by grocers, as opposed to specialists, since at least 1987.