Translation of grocery in Spanish:


tienda de comestibles, n.

Pronunciation /ˈɡroʊs(ə)ri//ˈɡrəʊs(ə)ri/

nounPlural groceries

  • 1

    tienda de comestibles feminine
    tienda de ultramarinos feminine
    bodega feminine Venezuela Peru Cuba
    tienda de abarrotes feminine Mexico Andes Central America
    almacén masculine Southern Cone
    • Spammers couldn't trust each other with five bucks to walk down to the corner grocery and bring back a loaf of bread.
    • I did a little leg work at a couple neighborhood groceries today.
    • Small retail grocery stores offer cooking classes and seminars.
    • The brothers came to Manchester from Bangladesh in 1971 to run a family grocery business.
    • When purchasing jarred condiments, explore grocery shelves for variations on a theme.
    • Within a year, she had contracts with two major grocery chains in Chicago.
    • In Canadian retail grocery stores, more space is devoted to fresh produce than to any other food sector.
    • She was supposed to go to the grocery store that day to get items to fix for the meal that night.
    • A popular member of the business community, he ran a grocery shop in the town for many years.
    • After the marriage they moved to Vienna where they set up a grocery business which fared rather well.
    • Before this he had worked at the family business - a grocery shop on Girlington Road.
    • Mary was very well respected in her community where she had a small grocery shop until a few years ago.
    • You may have seen it in your grocery shops, particularly in the Asian grocery shops.
    • He was caught by the police soon after he came back to Shanghai to open a grocery shop.
    • The walls of the recreation center and the corner grocery store are covered with graffiti.
    • People who shop at the discount grocery chains that charge a nickel per bag seem to use fewer bags.
    • I jumped on the low carb bandwagon and opened a low carb retail grocery store.
    • It started in the grocery business because shops were charging too much for food.
    • However, the budget grocery chain is unlikely to impress with its first-half figures.
    • If he went out somewhere, like the barber shop or the grocery store, I always went with him.
  • 2groceries plural

    comestibles masculine
    provisiones feminine
    • People usually went their once a week to get their weekly groceries.
    • There's a little store selling basic groceries, with a meat and deli counter at the back.
    • Back in 1892 you could get your groceries delivered, in a horse-drawn vehicle.
    • Whether it be less partying, less shopping or cheaper groceries, trade-offs are needed to survive as a couple.
    • After filling an entire grocery cart, I sent Penny back for a second.
    • She put her two grocery bags on the table and went into the living room.
    • Although the railway paid well compared to other sectors such as farming, many could only afford basic groceries.
    • He opened a general store in Union St, selling groceries and supplies to the gold diggers.
    • The farm wife is often a working commuter who buys her meat and groceries at the supermarket.
    • I'm really unclear how other customers carry their groceries home.
    • When I'd finished that and was carrying the groceries home, it began to rain!
    • He bought the cheapest groceries and he thought it didn't matter.
    • Jo starts cooking, gets the fire going, and goes out to buy a few groceries.
    • People sat around and discussed problems with their children and where to find cheap groceries.
    • The kitchen included everything and there were two bags of groceries on the counter.
    • Neither of them would blink an eye at my check stubs or grocery lists.
    • I dumped some groceries on my kitchen counter and started to unload them.
    • Grocery shopping is thus the perfect, guilt-free excuse for visiting the mall.
    • Rob had all the ingredients, thanks to our weekly grocery shopping we did together.
    • So hoping to not attract attention, I don my largest backpack to carry my groceries home.