Translation of gross-out in Spanish:


asqueroso, n.

Pronunciation /ˈɡroʊsˌaʊt//ˈɡrəʊsaʊt/



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    asqueroso masculine
    asquerosa feminine
    guarro masculine Spain informal
    guarra feminine Spain informal
    • It is the third film in the gross-out comedy series, and, contrary to initial scepticism, is a worthy way to finish the trilogy.
    • In short, it might be unfair to stick a simple gross-out label on the movie.
    • They sound like honest, competent adults, still amazed that a gross-out comic they created in college is now an international phenomenon.
    • They didn't rely on stale shock scares or over the top gross-outs.
    • Everywhere the meat is bloodless and pale, reducing the gross-out factor and allowing the viewer to focus on the craft.
    • From harebrained bar tricks to oddball skills to risqué business to lewd gross-outs, your idea can be integrated into this colossal show, a wall-to-wall theatre of the wacky and the bizarre.
    • It's more of a fun horror film than a gross-out film.
    • This comedy, however, isn't anything like the gross-out humor flicks that have been coming out lately.
    • What is fascinating about these films (in particular the last two) is the boundary-pushing gross-out humour that he toys with.
    • In these days of media gross-outs, it's incredibly hard to provoke a visceral reaction in anyone anymore.
    • It shies away from the industry/sales-driven trash and the shlock-horror gross-out jocks on the commercial FM stations.
    • This could be the setup for a gross-out comedy or a horror film.
    • Looks like we've got ourselves a teen gross-out movie.
    • Unfortunately, it also has a gross-out element.
    • It's an excruciating mess, unable to make up its mind if it's a dating-game comedy, wacky road movie or a teen-market gross-out fest.
    • This isn't just a gross-out session by the band - what their point is isn't entirely clear, but it's not a joke.
    • To direct, they brought in the special effects and make-up wizard who created the gleefully ghoulish gross-outs seen in the first film.
    • A good gross-out film will, in fact, be a cohesive movie with a handful of outrageous scene-stealers.
    • He was after a more primal ritual: the mass gross-out.
    • I would have been able to ignore the gross-out element, though, if the story had been strong.
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    situación repugnante feminine