Translation of ground cover in Spanish:

ground cover


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    Farming plantas de poca altura utilizadas para cubrir una extensión de tierra
    Ecology cubierta vegetal feminine
    • Changes over time in tree, shrub, and ground-cover vegetation at the treatment and control sites are compared with profile analysis.
    • An established clump of hellebores will cover a patch of ground quite effectively, but the plants spread so slowly and are so expensive that they can't be rightly classed among classic ground-cover plants.
    • Shaped boxes, standard bays, grasses, herbaceous perennials and ground-cover shrubs can be used in traditional or contemporary settings.
    • Which spreading plants will provide evergreen ground cover underneath the trees?
    • Most are low-maintenance ground-cover plants rooted in four-inch-deep soil.
    • These requirements seem rather exacting but it is an excellent ground-cover plant, which can be grown with other shade lovers such as Lamium.
    • Here's a bigger take on the old burgundy-green ground-cover staple.
    • However, the multiflora cushion mums were a revelation, as were the brand new and as yet unnamed ground-cover varieties.
    • The ground cover thrives, but ground cover is the catfish of the plant world, a bottom feeder that always makes it through hard times.
    • Low growing ground-cover plants can form loose rounded clumps that look like waves, while, in contrast loose billowing grasses can arch skyward, dancing in the breeze to create movement in an otherwise static spot.
    • I'm looking for a ground-cover plant that flowers in the spring, preferably with a blue flower.
    • Use mulches and ground covers, and deep-rooted plants to stabilize slopes.
    • The same six ground-cover species are the most abundant species at both sites; however, rank abundance differs.
    • These plots were very sparse in the ground-cover stratum.
    • However, this is still a time-consuming form of planting compared with, say, ground cover or evergreen shrub planting.
    • In that case, plant new bulbs in another location, preferably among ground cover plants.
    • Any good book on planting design will list trees, shrubs, ground cover plants, climbers and herbaceous perennials suitable for a wide range of conditions and situations.
    • I am now planting the hardiest ground cover I can find.
    • Within the 30-foot zone, use fire-resistant landscaping such as lawns, moist ground-cover plantings and low shrubbery.
    • After a while, heather monoculture is broken by an intake field and our path leads to a shallow valley that is a mosaic of ground-cover greens and is curlew country.