Translation of ground frost in Spanish:

ground frost

helada, n.


  • 1

    (con escarcha sobre el suelo) helada feminine
    • You will often hear weather forecasters referring to ground frost and air frost, but how do they differ?
    • Forecasters often inform us that in rural spots temperatures could fall low enough to give a touch of ground frost, even when air temperatures on weather charts are above freezing.
    • Local ground frost, also called grass frost, is a risk overnight for sheltered places, where the outward-radiation is at a maximum: young animals and tender plants are the most vulnerable.
    • The night of 22nd June was quite a chilly night across the UK, with a widespread ground frost, particularly across northern and eastern areas.
    • It was also marked by two floods, two severe hail storms, four low-level heavy snowfalls, record ground frosts, a destructive tornado and the worst southerly bluster to batter Wellington in more than a decade.