Translation of ground plan in Spanish:

ground plan

planta, n.


  • 1

    • 1.1Architecture

      planta feminine
      plano de planta masculine
      • That ground plan is the strongest aspect of the new design - which was chosen in a competition in 2003-since its stillness and integrity is an effective counter-weight to the looming crimson walls.
      • Huge sandstone masonry buildings, which archaeologists call ‘great houses,’ rose five stories tall, encompassing hundreds of rooms in ground plans of semi-circles, ovals, and rectangles covering areas larger than football fields.
      • Now these two circles are quite significantly far from each other, and yet you can perfectly super-impose the ground plans of these circles on top of one another with only a small variation on a few of the stones.
      • There are no confusing ground plans or complicated section drawings.
      • Seven of the illustrations are ground plans or aerial views.
      • The benefactions of the faithful during the fourteenth century were directed more towards lesser projects, such as chantries, as ground plans of parish churches bear witness.
      • It revealed the foundations of one corner of the hut, allowing an approximate ground plan of the building, about 5m square over foundations 1m wide, to be recorded.
      • The house in B100 has a ground plan similar to that in B300, but on a smaller scale.
      • Amongst the remains are parts of the defences and city walls, the theatre, a hypocausted building, and ground plans of excavated shops and town houses.
      • It has a ground plan of 459 ft x 387 ft and a height of 197 ft.
      • Furthermore, ground plans and elevations of fifteen cave-temples showing ‘The Magic Competition’ make up Appendix 1 and provide the reader with a much greater understanding of the experience of visiting a cave-temple.
      • For example, builders in Egypt and Mesopotamia carved outlines of proposed structures on clay tablets or sketched them on sheets of papyrus - the earliest known examples of the architectural ground plan.
      • Solicitors get the ground plans but not the building or internal drawings.
      • Then draw a ground plan of your garden as near to scale to possible on graph paper.
      • In the absence of a ground plan with scale, it's impossible to accept this contention, specially because the substantive questions of proper alignment of pillar bases and their load-bearing capacity remain unresolved.
      • In determining a location, an accessible supply of drinking water, waterways for goods transport and efficient sewage removal were all crucial factors that shaped the ground plan and evolution of settlements.
      • Even simple things such as the layout of the buildings or ground plans of the cages would be of great interest when trying to understand the conditions in which animals were kept, and where they were in relation to the house.
      • Excellent aerial views of the city and various notable buildings together with maps and ground plans help the reader to visualise the environment in which the painters lived, moved and created their works.
      • Drawing out the ground plan of the crypt, he hung a string from each point where a column would stand and transmit the thrust of the structure into the foundations.
      • The end result is to be found in the ground plan as in 1998, with phase 1 of the building work complete but not phase 2.

    • 1.2Theatre

      plano escenográfico masculine

  • 2

    (basic plan)
    plan de acción masculine
    • Does the pursuit of these narratives and their offshoots enable us to read this opening stanza as a ground plan upon which its successors will build?
    • If there is one piece which touches genius, it is Virginia Woolf's ‘Illness’, a detailed analysis of how our idea of sickness has become the ground plan of our whole perception of how we live.
    • We had a ground plan that was taking form, and I would have laid my stars on the table if necessary to get that plan implemented.
    • I had prepared a few moves in my head by reading the first scene after having studied the ground plan again last night.
    • Thus Esperanto, the title of which evokes the wannabe universal language, can be read as a ground plan for some utopian work of urbanism.