Translation of groundless in Spanish:


infundado, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈɡraʊn(d)ləs//ˈɡraʊn(d)ləs/


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    (criticism/fear/accusation) infundado
    • This may be a groundless, purely ‘felt’ fear, like the dread of letting oneself fall back into someone's arms.
    • They see the book as ‘underpinned by groundless fears and moral panic’.
    • Whether it is a matter of giving to charity, sticking to duty or insisting on our rights, we can be confused or paralysed by the fear that our principles are groundless.
    • ‘Nothing sticks so fast in the mind as a groundless sense of guilt,’ Kafka added.
    • It's groundless, it's baseless, it's something which we don't do and will never do.
    • The worst cases can lead to agoraphobia or other crippling effects and are very sad because the anxieties and fears which cause so much trouble are usually groundless.
    • Well, any position can be made to seem groundless if one simply doesn't cite some of the strongest arguments in its defense.
    • And he said he would not be discouraged by such groundless slander and unreasonable allegations and would ignore them.
    • In both cases, the fear was neither groundless nor unreasonable.
    • They have realized that their pain and suffering are groundless and empty in nature.
    • Accusations of having received US funding were groundless, the movement's leaders have repeatedly said.
    • Fears that a new case had been found in Horton-in-Ribblesdale proved groundless earlier this week when posthumous tests proved negative.
    • Indeed the fact that such apparently groundless claims are being banded around suggests that, for some at least, the term has already taken on a new meaning.
    • The final, however, was worthy of the occasion and the fears that Germany would reduce the game to a mindless bore proved groundless.
    • My assertion is by no means groundless if we take into account our 1.3 billion population and per capita arable land.
    • And, to cap it all, after berating the press for running groundless, unsourced rumours, you end on one yourself.
    • Fear of death seems to me to be a phobia, i.e. an unreasonable, groundless fear.
    • Fears of a whitewash might well prove groundless.
    • But he harbours an irrational and groundless suspicion that his newly-wed wife will have an affair.
    • The substance of his claims for protection for actors and cheap drugs was either groundless or questionable.