Translation of groundsel in Spanish:


hierba cana, n.

Pronunciation /ˈɡraʊn(d)s(ə)l//ˈɡraʊn(d)səl/


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    hierba cana feminine
    • In the last analysis, groundsels breeding groundsels is not evolution - that's groundless!
    • While studying a drab little plant called the groundsel, he was struck by the fact that plants of the same genetic variety could look very different in different environments.
    • The image, of a groundsel, shows Britain's newest species of plant - found next to the railway station car park in York.
    • Add glyphosate for effective control of common chickweed, wild carrot, poison hemlock, cressleaf groundsel, and dense populations of dandelion.
    • Growing among the tufa formations in the marshes are dock, giant red Indian paintbrush, groundsel, horsetail, Rocky Mountain iris, an aquatic speedwell, stinging nettle (which often surrounds each tower), and willow herb.