Translation of groundswell in Spanish:


mar de fondo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈɡraʊn(d)ˌswɛl//ˈɡraʊn(d)ˌswɛl/


  • 1

    Meteorology Nautical
    mar de fondo feminine
    mar de leva feminine
    • She saw groundswells for the first time - no mere waves, these; the waves themselves were dwarfed by undulating hills and ravines of water.
    • The wreck is well broken among rocks, spread out and so close in that even on a flat-calm day the groundswell sloshes the boat up and down as it moves in as close as possible to drop divers off.
    • We had to get within 1.5 miles of the reef before we could distinguish the rocks from the groundswell breaking over them.
    • A sizeable groundswell picks up over the reef in all but the calmest conditions.
    • A gentle groundswell was building over the reef and washing well up the rock.
  • 2

    (of opinion, interest)
    corriente feminine
    oleada feminine
    • The union does not oppose the liberalisation of the postal network, but only urges that it takes place more cautiously in order to prevent a groundswell of opposition.
    • If you kill an opposition candidate, you create a martyr, with a groundswell of indignation on which his successor can ride into office.
    • There is also a groundswell of opposition among some independent financial advisers.
    • Suppose that a groundswell of popular support finally pushes our proposal through Congress in the form of the Deliberation Day Act of 2012.
    • ‘There is a groundswell of urbanism in Calgary,’ says Taylor.
    • What is needed is a genuine groundswell of popular opinion against the system.
    • Instead of creating a groundswell of popular political support, the Patriot epistles seemed to generate more criticism.
    • There was a groundswell of political opinion that art was thought to be for rich people.
    • ‘There is now a groundswell of opinion in the business community seeking reform in the way traffic is handled at national level,’ he said.
    • He said there was a groundswell of opinion among backbenchers, and said he had been involved with a statement released detailing the plans.
    • He likes to portray himself as helping to publicize a groundswell of popular discontent at the demise of American manufacturing.
    • A groundswell of public opinion has been building up against the company since it started reducing the length of trains, forcing more travellers to stand on their journeys to and from the City.
    • There is a groundswell of change but, like most groundswells, it will take time to break the surface and make itself felt.
    • If there was a groundswell of opinion here for regional government then I could see a referendum.
    • Actions beget actions - changing one person's mind can lead to a groundswell of opinion.
    • It had to be cancelled, however, due to a groundswell of public opposition.
    • A council panel has added its voice to a groundswell of opposition against plans to close a leading supermarket in a Sheffield suburb.
    • In Britain, there is a groundswell of opposition.
    • With a groundswell of popular support, the strictest rent control in the nation was put into effect to protect renters' rights.
    • We'll need a website of course, to create a groundswell of enthusiasm among the general public.