Translation of group in Spanish:


grupo, n.

Pronunciation /ɡrup//ɡruːp/


  • 1

    • 1.1(of people)

      grupo masculine
      (visit/discussion) (before noun) en grupo
      (portrait) de conjunto
      in groups of three en grupos de tres
      • to form a group (physically) agruparse
      • a consumers'/women's group una asociación / agrupación de consumidores/mujeres
      • a feminist/gay group un colectivo / una agrupación feminista/gay
      • group booking reserva de grupo
      • group photo foto de grupo
      • For once the onus has not been placed solely on women's groups and non-governmental organisations.
      • These were groups organized to write letters to the editors of newspapers.
      • They range from individual registrants to private organisations, community groups and schools.
      • Both groups come together to share workshops, intensive training and performances.
      • When another publisher picked up the book and the controversy, feminist groups attempted to organise a boycott.
      • We hope people will join together with family and friends, clubs and organisations to form groups to raise the money.
      • Somewhere along the middle of this continuum lies self help groups and organizations.
      • Women were organised into groups and group leaders were appointed.
      • Your efforts to include many groups and organisations are excellent.
      • The big unanswered question: who benefits from largesse - interest groups or the common voter?
      • Posters and entry forms were distributed to all schools, community groups, businesses and commercial outlets.
      • We need to form a progressive coalition that includes the religious groups sharing our morality.
      • It is small band of guerrillas without heavy artillery or any armor, organized in small groups.
      • A host of groups and organisations have pledged to continue their support to reach the new target.
      • Money left over is to go towards a new parish council noticeboard and the remainder will be shared among local groups.
      • Youth clubs, after-school groups and organisations such as Scouts and Guides would be among those to benefit.
      • Aid organisations and campaign groups, however, were less enthusiastic.
      • Reading circles resemble college seminar groups except they are organized by participants.
      • Ten minutes later, we were organized into groups, and sent outside into the inviting rain.
      • I will certainly be contacting them and I hope to enlist the help of other disabled groups and organisations to protest against the ban.

    • 1.2Music

      grupo masculine
      conjunto masculine
      a pop/rock group un grupo pop/de rock
      • They are imitating the complex dance steps and hand jives that the group perform in their videos.
      • Now I know the purpose of this series is not to turn the two groups concerned against each other in some sonic battle royale.
      • The group put on a frantic performance during a set that stretched into the night.
      • On the evidence of this album, the group appear in complete and remarkable control of their art.
      • Robert is joined by Vincent Courtois on cello and Cyril Atef on drums in a chamber jazz group of the highest order.
      • The three groups represented on this album feature the ultimate in the sound and soul of brass band music.
      • Rock'n'roll groups appeared on bills along with trad groups and pop singers - even some modern jazz made it into the charts.
      • The album opens with the group's trademark sound in full effect.
      • Sharing the bill with The Beatles were the somewhat-overlooked group The Briarwoods.
      • We're only influenced by two groups and that's the Beatles and the Stones.
      • American observers have noted this ethnic diversity in rap groups in France.
      • Well ya gotta hand it to this super group for hammering together a release to be proud of.
      • Lonnie equips his quartet with the dynamics of a big band while retaining the intimacy of a small group.
      • Musically, the group captures a pressing sense of urgency devoid of anything trite or gimmicky.
      • One of the most influential British indie groups of recent years have announced they are to split.
      • Just don't expect it to sound like his old indie group, or much else for that matter.
      • Space permits only a brief comparison here of the group singing of the Beatles and that of the girl groups.
      • The interaction between the rhythm section and the rest of the group is beauteous to behold.
      • It is yet another landmark in the career of one of soul music's greatest groups.
      • Are they a natural conclusion to what the girl-led indie groups of the mid 90's didn't finish?

  • 2

    • 2.1(of things)

      grupo masculine
      • Stars are not scattered randomly through space, they are gathered together into vast groups known as galaxies.
      • To do this, push together chairs, stools and ottomans so small groups can gather.
      • You go to classes all day long and take notes and participate in group discussions.
      • The typical kind of call outs we are getting involve groups of youths gathering together.
      • A group of maids had gathered together and were giggling and laughing over some unknown joke.
      • One copy of this gene occurs in angiosperms, but two copies occur in the other four seed plant groups.
      • We stood on the corner of one of the back roads when we were approached by a group of young boys aged about 10 to 12.
      • Some walkers warned a group of four boys to get off the frozen river at Water End.
      • They tend to gather in groups and take short flights out to sea and back in again, practising for their long journey back out onto the ocean.
      • The extent of this clustering was similar in all four social class groups.
      • He also feared for the safety of other pupils when the boy ran towards a group leaving the class, on May 17 last year.
      • As they approached the group of men gathered round her tents, she screamed in horror.
      • I used to take yoga classes, and group fitness classes, but that has fallen by the way side for the moment.
      • He divided twenty-four of the plants into six initial groups of four, in order of size as estimated by eye.
      • The four classes of protected groups are not defined, nor are criteria for their definition provided.
      • The location of a taxi rank in the centre of town would lead to trouble, with large groups of people gathering together.
      • To find answers this programme gathered together a group of eminent people from a variety of backgrounds.
      • Therefore tomato plants should be gathered in groups of 6 on either side of the front gate.
      • This is the third year we have gathered together a group of friends to meet at Burke's Canoes in Forestville.
      • The sheets would be cut to approximate size, then they would be gathered into groups of three or four, folded in half and trimmed to the correct size.

    • 2.2(class, division)

      grupo masculine

  • 3

    • 3.1Business

      grupo masculine
      before noun group company colateral feminine
      • He pointed out that the group has a building contract and has also obtained planning permission.
      • Far be it from me to encourage you to buy a newspaper produced by another group.
      • We start with a joint session between the contracts and commercial law groups.
      • Many official bodies and commercial groups regard stickers and pasted posters as closely related to graffiti.
      • The promotion is the first time Scotland's seven major newspaper publishing groups have collaborated on marketing.
      • Commercial groups or individuals will continue to pay for the use of the facility as before.
      • The syndicate will allow groups to find large commercial units with multi tenancies in prime locations.
      • Some general practitioners have moved from group to chain ownership of practice premises.

    • 3.2Military

      grupo masculine

  • 4

    • 4.1Chemistry
      (of elements)

      grupo masculine
      • Ramsay realized that argon and helium might be members of a hitherto unsuspected new group in the Periodic Table.

    • 4.2Chemistry

      grupo masculine
      an ethyl group un grupo etílico

  • 5

    grupo masculine
    • He studied primitive permutation groups and proved a finiteness theorem.
    • Although Galois had used groups extensively throughout his paper on equations, he had not given a definition.
    • One of the areas which his work took him into was infinite permutation groups.
    • Netto made major steps towards abstract group theory when he combined permutation group results and groups in number theory.
    • He was the first to give a proof that the Galois group is closed under multiplication.

transitive verb

  • 1

    the students grouped themselves around the table los estudiantes se agruparon alrededor de la mesa
    • these cases can be grouped together estos casos pueden ponerse en un mismo grupo
    • These two forms can be grouped further into two classifications described as opened and closed forms.
    • As the cumbersome title suggests, the material is grouped under three rubrics.
    • He then grouped all known flowering plants according to the number of such structures that each had.
    • Furthest away are other science disciplines that would be grouped in different broad categories from psychology, like physics and chemistry.
    • Clearly all of the issues grouped together under the heading of management learning are important.
    • The issue was, can the individual chromosomes be distinguished or only grouped into classes?
    • It seems the factors can be grouped into two categories - those involving diet and eating habits, and those involving life-style.
    • These can be generally grouped into three categories: market research, market contacts and market promotion.
    • The firefighters' fitness levels were grouped into six categories ranging from poor to excellent.
    • It noted, however, much overlap among the charges, and that all could be grouped within the inclusive category of crimes against humanity.
    • The classification is based on grouping the metabolites into primary and secondary.
    • Photographs featured on the web site are grouped into seven categories - as are the albums.
    • The main topic categories were then grouped into larger domains.
    • Tumor classifications were created by grouping tumors that had median survivals below or above the median for the entire sample, respectively.
    • To simplify matters, single malts are often grouped according to the region where they are produced.
    • Eleven manufacturers who received five to seven nominations were grouped into Category 1.
    • The eight chapters are grouped under three headings: culture, history and university.
    • Camera specs and tests are listed by brand and grouped by number of megapixels.
    • The structural steels can be grouped conveniently on the basis of tensile strength.
    • The respondents were asked to list their current concerns and these concerns were grouped into major categories.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    to group around sth/sb agruparse / formar un grupo alrededor de/en torno a algo/algn