Translation of group captain in Spanish:

group captain

coronel, n.


  • 1

    (in RAF)
    coronel masculine
    (en Argentina) comodoro feminine
    • He said he learned to stick to his guns from his father, a group captain who flew a Spitfire in the Battle of Britain.
    • The group captain said the crew, support personnel and passengers on board the Hercules were playing a vital role, helping to deliver democracy to the Iraqis.
    • Before an Air Force-wide release on People Central, a consolidated list of promotees within the chain of command was forwarded to all affected group captains.
    • A group captain from the RAF visited the Tartar to complain, was bombed by the Germans, and instantly changed his mind about shooting first and asking questions later.
    • He was promoted to group captain in 1992 and, as Director Air Force Policy, negotiated the establishment of the RSAF flying school at RAAF Base Pearce.
    • More than 150 Air Force administration officers from pilot officer to group captain attended the inaugural Administration Officers' Conference at RAAF Base Williamtown on August 6-7.
    • This directorate will undertake personnel management of group captains and some administration for air rank officers.
    • Vice marshals became marshals; air commodores were boosted to vice marshals; group captains to air commodores; wing commanders to group captains; squadron leaders to wing commanders; etc., etc.
    • I was travelling back from Singapore with a group captain and his wife when our ship was suddenly turned away from the Suez Canal just as the crisis there erupted.
    • It ruled this increase would not affect officers of wing commander and group captain rank equivalents, noting the Remuneration Reform Project should address the salaries of these members in due course.
    • Of all the improbable hobbies for a group captain, his was the making of jam.
    • The airmen promotion lists were released to affected group captains on March 29, and the consolidated lists on People Central occurred on March 31.