Translation of group practice in Spanish:

group practice


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    consultorio atendido por un grupo de médicos
    • His research results reflect outcomes generated by his group practice of six urologists.
    • Rick is having trouble getting to see his choice of doctors at his local group practice, but he can't get an appointment before the 14th of March.
    • A group practice of five doctors will have about 100 deaths a year, over half of them occurring in hospital and most of the rest in nursing homes, hospices, or residential homes.
    • Most respondents worked in a group practice or medical school setting.
    • For the duration of these conditions you must not work in a single handed practice and you will obtain a substantive post in a group practice.
    • A third option is for the group practice to continue with some members providing services and others not.
    • The spectrum of healthcare companies ranges from general practitioners in traditional group practice premises to major corporations.
    • Similarly, within the community neighbours talk to each other, and if a practitioner becomes known to have a particular interest in a condition then patients in a group practice may select to see him or her.
    • He remained steadfastly at home, pleased to be cared for by a colleague from his own group practice and district and hospice nursing staff.
    • By 1977 he had joined a group practice in Hyde but his violent mood swings made the partnership untenable and in 1992 he set up in singlehanded practice.
    • Personal lists within a group practice can deliver an equivalent degree of continuity of care.
    • Steve was the force in developing a group practice when these were embryonic.
    • The doctor's surgery at the group practice in Williton is cleverly arranged so as to provide more corners inside a rectangular space than are known in your geometry.
    • Conversely, though not the focus of our study, other physicians may identify more closely with their group practice than with the health care system and thus may be less influenced by attempts to induce their cooperation.
    • Had he been part of a group practice, one of his doctor colleagues would surely have suspected that something was amiss.
    • By contrast, the image of progress and development is the modern group practice, similar to a small hospital with its large multidisciplinary team, specialist clinics, and guidelines.
    • The first phase also contains most of the definitions that are used throughout, including the definition of a group practice and definitions of designated health services.
    • I once belonged to a group practice in which one of the physicians, a vocal liberal, proposed we dismiss all of our HMO patients who failed to quit smoking.
    • During a 12-month study period, 1,523 adverse drug events were identified in Medicare patients at a multispecialty group practice.
    • In 1974 he returned to Britain to a group practice in Hanworth, Middlesex, where he worked until he retired because of ill health in 1997.