Translation of grow in Spanish:


crecer, v.

Pronunciation /ɡrəʊ//ɡroʊ/

intransitive verbgrown, grew

  • 1

    (flower/plant/crop) crecer
    (horn/nail/hair) crecer
    heather grows abundantly in Scotland el brezo crece / se da en abundancia en Escocia
    • the leaves don't grow until the spring las hojas no salen hasta la primavera
    • a cherry tree grows in our garden tenemos un cerezo en el jardín
    • The creature grows to a tremendous size, begins sucking down the exhaust from some towering smokestacks, and generally wreaks havoc.
    • I'm trying to make the grass grow, and green plants produce oxygen, and that's supposed to help the environment.
    • It grows in pastures, cultivated fields, and waste places.
    • But his tumor recently grew again and he underwent radiation therapy.
    • The polypides of living stenolaemates grow inwardly from skeletal apertures.
    • Max's whole body had grown in size in around a minute; instead of being his usual 6'4, he was now around 7 to 8 feet tall.
    • It seemed that the dot grew slightly in size as the intensity setting was increased.
    • It is very useful indeed and, unlike cotton, doesn't need chemical fertilisers to grow and yield a crop.
    • Grass grew, foliage returned to trees' canopies, and blooming flowers proliferated.
    • Crops no longer grew, and the fish in the sea turned belly-up dead.
    • The land in all its splendour was rich and the dark red soil held all the rain and mist which seeped into the ground feeding the crops that grew in abundance.
    • It is during this phase that prolamellar bodies grow in size and get their regular shape.
    • He grew to nearly twice his original size, his teeth grew long and sharp, talons erupted from his finger tips, and his nose stretched into a snout.
    • Unlike a moving fibroblast, however, the extending axon also grows in size, with an accompanying increase in the total surface area of the neuron's plasma membrane.
    • In 6 to 12 months, natural bone grows to replace the synthetic ceramic.
    • Grass still grew in it; it just looked as though someone had taken a fifteen by fifteen scoop out of the ground and surrounded it by berry bushes.
    • Nitrate is the main source of nitrogen for most plant species growing in aerobic soils.
    • Droughts cause crops to fail, while crops that do grow often are not gathered because of civil wars fought in the name of the starving.
    • I'm embarrassed in front of all these people that two grown men allowed a situation like this to escalate the way it did.
    • It is because of this energy that all natural things can grow and flourish.
    • Keeping the Valentine's Day rose crop warm while it grows requires a lot of heat.
    • The newly surfaced weed seeds that had been laying dormant deep in the soil will often not begin to grow until after the crop gets started.
    • Until a seed imbibes water and begins to grow, weeders and cultivators have little effect.
    • Grass was growing well in places where the work had been completed.
    • Plant species growing in the semi-arid regions of the world need to be adapted to an environment in which drought strongly affects plant growth.
    • The ghost shrimp grows to the size of a small hand, and is mostly white, with a streak of red that runs down its body.
    • While I've been under the weather things have been growing in the fields and hedges, turning my little world back to a green and pleasant place.
    • Grass will never grow well under the viaducts, and attempting to make it do so contributes nothing to the beautification of the city.
    • Grass grows well enough there, but it's usually found in raggedly in orchards, or on fields for animals to eat.
    • Grass is growing from gutters and belfry, and windows need to be replaced.
    • They spent a lot of the time talking about their farms, telling us how business was bad, and how long it took for various crops to grow, and other information like that.
    • You'll have cross-pollination to other canola crops that might be growing alongside roadsides and so on.
  • 2

    • 2.1(get bigger, taller)

      (person/animal) crecer
      how you've grown! ¡cómo has crecido!
      • I've grown (by) an inch he crecido una pulgada
      • I've grown an inch taller he crecido una pulgada
      • pythons can grow (to) more than 20 feet long / to a length of more than 20 feet las pitones pueden llegar a medir más de seis metros de largo

    • 2.2(develop spiritually, emotionally)

      • Cities in Afghanistan didn't grow because of the rivers; they grew up because they were on the ring road or connected to it.
      • Second, it seeks to reverse the insidious culture of division that has grown up around the existence of these principles.
      • At some point, a complex wooden network began to grow up the walls of the entrance area.

    • 2.3(expand, increase)

      (city/institution/company) crecer
      (quantity/population) aumentar
      (influence/suspicion/optimism) crecer
      (optimism/suspicion/influence) aumentar
      club membership is still growing el número de socios del club sigue aumentando
      • invest with us and watch your money grow invierta con nosotros y vea crecer su dinero
      • output/demand grew by 40% la producción/demanda aumentó en un 40%
      • the economy is growing again la economía vuelve a experimentar un período de crecimiento / expansión
      • his confidence grew as he became more experienced su confianza en sí mismo iba aumentando / creciendo a medida que adquiría experiencia
      • to grow in popularity/importance/intensity crecer / aumentar en popularidad/importancia/intensidad
      • There's an air of aggressiveness about this annual ceremony, growing in intensity year by year, that I find disturbing.
      • You might not yet have heard of a house concert, but it is a form of musical entertainment that is quickly growing in popularity.
      • The county is the fastest growing in Ireland but, in recent years, it has only been possible to guess at the population level.
      • But there are fears that indicators such as these, which are growing in popularity, are self-fulfilling.
      • The unemployment rate, which is growing in almost all East European countries, is decreasing in Bulgaria.
      • It's a procedure that's growing in popularity in America, and especially here in Hollywood.
      • The book festival has been growing in weight and clout.
      • The last has seen the highest increase in price in the last year, growing in value by 15.4%.
      • Money and its availability is usually the primary concern for all budget holders while the latter is growing in importance and complexity.
      • To this end, he focused on a genre that was rapidly growing in popularity amongst the patrons of such libraries, that of escapist romance.
      • She said that for a small company, at the time, to be recognised as the fastest growing in Ireland was an amazing success.
      • And the move has been a success for both parties, with Rhodes growing in stature as the Knights push towards the play-offs.
      • The show has been growing in stature over the years and is today easily the most awaited talent search event among young rock bands.
      • The Indian economy is among the fastest growing in the world today.
      • The Boston division has been the fastest growing in the United States over the last ten years with 140,000 passenger trips made a day.
      • Far from disappearing, they seem to be growing in number.
      • It also presages a debate that is growing in not only environmentalist circles, but in religious ones as well.
      • The total road length is around 5,000 km, which is not growing in proportion with vehicle growth.
      • Yet in an increasingly sedentary society, riding is a healthy pastime which is growing in popularity, particularly among the young.
      • The price of property in the town has been the fastest growing in Yorkshire over the past year with prices having risen by 52 per cent.

  • 3

    • 3.1(become)

      to grow tired cansarse
      • to grow fatter engordar
      • to grow careless/contemptuous volverse descuidado/desdeñoso
      • to grow indifferent to sth volverse indiferente / insensible a algo
      • to grow dark (at dusk) oscurecer
      • to grow smaller hacerse más pequeño
      • to grow old envejecer
      • the signal grew fainter and fainter la señal se hacía cada vez más débil
      • she grows more beautiful each day cada día que pasa está más guapa
      • the weather grew better/worse towards the end of the month el tiempo mejoró/empeoró hacia finales de mes
      • we've grown used to having a dishwasher nos hemos acostumbrado a tener lavavajillas
      • he grows more like his father every day cada día que pasa se parece más a su padre

    • 3.2(get)

      to grow to + inf
      • she grew to love him se fue enamorando de él
      • I grew to hate the routine llegué a odiar aquella rutina
      • she'd grown to expect that of him se había acostumbrado a esperar eso de él
      • As time and distance converge, he mixes colours that grow gradually more muted.
      • It seemed to gradually slow and grow calmer, less agitated.
      • She began muttering things under her breath but gradually grew tired as well.
      • It penetrated through the houses, shaking the earth and pounding the eardrums of a garbled populace which had gradually grown accustomed to the noise.
      • Initially he supported its Congregationalist ideology, but gradually grew dissatisfied.
      • I'm also a bit hesitant to debate about whether or not it should be used to slow the muscle loss experienced as we grow older.
      • It didn't register right away, but gradually it grew louder.
      • But the ideas gradually disappeared as I grew older; and now my mind drew a blank.
      • A distant drumming could be heard gradually growing louder and louder.
      • In response he grew gradually more paranoid, seeing enemies all around.
      • I feel the impatient breath of my daughter's future on my neck as I nurse her before bed, her fist clenching my thumb until she grows sleepy and gradually lets go of me.
      • With her ear pressed against the ground so, she detected a rumbling noise, gradually growing louder.
      • Within the transit chamber a faint purple glow danced along the walls, gradually growing brighter.
      • The researchers plan to follow the progress of students who gain a place at medical school and track their changing views as they grow older and more experienced.
      • But amid the roar of the new economy, he grew impatient and gradually dumped his blue chips.
      • It affects mainly older people, and grows gradually worse.
      • As we grow older, they gradually produce less pigment, leaving each strand white - although it appears grey in contrast to the rest of the hair.
      • The farm stayed in the family for over 140 years, gradually growing smaller as the town crept around it.
      • Whilst the palette remains as colourful, and the framing as idiosyncratic, as ever, the material he has worked with has grown gradually more mature.
      • Did he grow less experienced as opening night drew nearer?

transitive verbgrown, grew

  • 1

    • 1.1(cultivate)

      (flowers/crops/plants) cultivar
      • We visited Beulah Farm, which grows herbs and fruits, and sells its own fruit jam.
      • She explains that she raises beef cattle and grows grain, potatoes, hay, and also tends a small vegetable garden.
      • In that case, a farmer planted and grew wheat on his farm solely for his family's consumption.
      • When last year Paul wanted to grow wheat, he planted four acres just to see if it would work.
      • You'll get the best fruit production if the tree is grown outdoors in summer and brought indoors before the first frost in fall.
      • As anyone who grows fruit trees knows, you compete with several insects for each piece of fruit.
      • The range of flavors is determined by where this plant species is grown and how it's processed.
      • Bring back a pear from your friend's village and plant it to grow pear trees in your own town.
      • If growing a mango tree from seed, it should be planted with the rounded end facing upwards and be placed just below the surface of the soil.
      • They don't seem to grow grass here for the sheep, but let them eat the weeds that do show up when the rains have come through.
      • Various indigenous grasses were grown on each soil type to test their filtering effects.
      • These trees are easily grown from seed which germinates very quickly.
      • An elderly arthritis sufferer was recently jailed for growing cannabis plants.
      • Some grass is grown on the farm for hay or silage, together with swede, turnip or kale for winter forage because grass growth declines drastically in the winter.
      • She said children in the center also grow trees and plants for fruit and vegetables for their own daily consumption.
      • By pollarding it we hope to prolong the life of the tree, giving us time to plant and grow replacement trees nearby.
      • Christmas trees are grown commercially on plantations and are like any other crop except they take several years to reach maturity rather than just one.
      • Mix plenty of compost into the soil, or grow the trees in raised beds.
      • A little over 100 crop species are now grown intensively around the world, with only a handful of them supplying us with most of what we now eat.
      • The farm has started to grow herbs in consultation with the Chelsea Physic Garden - echinacea and St John's Wort so far.

    • 1.2

      to grow a beard/mustache dejarse (crecer) la barba/el bigote
      • to grow one's hair/nails (long) dejarse crecer el pelo/las uñas
      • if deer lose their antlers they can grow new ones si un ciervo pierde sus astas le pueden salir nuevas

  • 2

    (company) desarrollar