Translation of grudge match in Spanish:

grudge match

partido entre rivales encarnizados, n.


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    partido entre rivales encarnizados masculine
    enfrentamiento entre rivales encarnizados masculine
    • The biggest grudge match in British boxing for years is set to be the final sporting event staged at the Maine Road stadium before the bulldozers move in next summer.
    • Oxford's two teams performed well during the day, with Oxford 1 beating New Forest Pirates, and Oxford 2 winning against Oxford 1 in the usual grudge match.
    • It would be stretching things to call today's encounter a grudge match, but the winners will be able to say they have notched a ‘series’ win.
    • It was a grudge match coming into it and there was unfinished business between us.
    • It added to the tension out there, and what better than a grudge match to make it more interesting.
    • IT WOULD be a celebrity grudge match of Amazonian proportions were the two women set against one another to wrestle the argument toward a resolution, but it will never happen.
    • India played Pakistan in the ultimate grudge match, a match that also was vital for Pakistan's chances of making the Super Six - less so for India.
    • The intricacies of this sport have changed interminably in the 29 years since their epic first meeting in New York, but everyone still loves a genuine grudge match.
    • It was billed as the ultimate grudge match - East versus West.
    • An avid Yankees fan, he treats the contest like an extended grudge match against the Mets.
    • Though rap videos were rare on MTV at the time, ‘Walk This Way,’ with its elaborate story line of a comical grudge match between rappers and rockers, was a constant fixture on the station for months.
    • It was not just because it had some of the elements of David against Goliath - it was because it was a grudge match between ancient rivals, one that could not have been bettered by a tiny team from the Falls taking on Rangers.
    • Both insist the grudge match is for real and have linked up with amateur boxing clubs to train for the showdown on an official Amateur Boxing Association-sanctioned show.
    • More than 1,000 punters will visit Raydale Park on Thursday night for a neighbourly grudge match with Carlisle, but most impressively double that will attend their historical opening home fixture against Greenock Morton.
    • The final day of competition was a grudge match of rugby contested between Adelaide and Arunta.
    • Today's race is a grudge match between two horse owners from the Fletcher Street stables, a small, run-down hundred-year-old structure, one of the few remaining stables in North Philadelphia.
    • The opening match of the 7th World Cup will surely be the grudge match of the tournament and will no doubt set the scene for a fiercely contested title fight.
    • The match was a good grudge match, but no technical marvel.
    • In the first semi-final, the grudge match between Albatross Old Boys and Albatross Two was always going to be a closely contested match.
    • So, its a grudge match between Northern and Southern Africa.