Translation of gruesome in Spanish:


truculento, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈɡruːs(ə)m//ˈɡrusəm/


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    (details/sight/story) truculento
    (sight/story/details) horripilante
    • The fur trade is a violent, bloody business but these skins are particularly gruesome.
    • To anyone who thinks of an abattoir as a place of gruesome horrors, this might sound like good news.
    • A railway worker had a rather gruesome discovery whilst making his rounds last week.
    • In front of him was one of the most gruesome scenes he had ever seen in his lifetime.
    • The story would have remained just a gruesome piece of local history had not something extraordinary occurred two years later.
    • When the spirits are particularly gruesome I've been shocked, but I realise that they can't hurt me.
    • But I could not bear to have the weight of your most gruesome death on my conscience.
    • I haven't seen it, but I heard they cut out an awful lot of parts of it, which were gruesome.
    • The gruesome murder shocked and revolted the nation, igniting a debate on the killers' future.
    • His determination to show us the full consequences of a shooting delivers some of the most gruesome images this side of a horror movie.
    • An apartment complex in Southern California is hit by a string of gruesome murders.
    • A bit like watching a car crash, it was gruesome but fascinating.
    • Why such gruesome murders are happening again and again is really a thought-provoking question.
    • Though the gruesome murders happened a decade ago, it seems that time has stood still.
    • One of the employees went to check on the missing worker and discovered the gruesome murder scene.
    • Sure, some will die a horrible gruesome death, but it's only what a fox would do to another animal.
    • Well, it was gruesome, there was some awful acting, but the film had a good premise and a nice twist at the end.
    • Her vivid descriptions are often gruesome, but never gratuitous.
    • A debate ensued which led to the rather gruesome killing of the witches of the medieval period.
    • That is the way a lot of people cope with doing such a horrible, gruesome, barbaric job.