Translation of guarantee in Spanish:


garantía, n.

Pronunciation /ɡar(ə)nˈtiː//ˌɡɛrənˈti/


  • 1

    • 1.1(on consumer goods)

      garantía feminine
      these irons carry a six-month guarantee estas planchas tienen una garantía de seis meses / están garantizadas por seis meses
      • to be under guarantee estar bajo / en garantía
      • manufacturer's guarantee garantía de fábrica

    • 1.2(assurance)

      garantía feminine
      there's no guarantee that he'll come back no hay ninguna garantía de que vaya a volver
      • you have my personal guarantee that the damage will be repaired le garantizo personalmente que los daños serán subsanados
      • The British Farm Standard is a guarantee of quality.
      • They are demanding a guarantee of their conditions if their fuel company changed hands.
      • The formal guarantee of women's rights was absent from the initial draft but the refusal of Afghan women to be silenced ensured its inclusion in the final version.
      • For assimilation was a condition of future rights, not a guarantee of them.
      • Trade unions are demanding a guarantee of the right to retire at 50 without conditions.
      • He said: ‘It's just about recipe and product quality: a guarantee for the customer.’
      • The Government is guaranteeing that people who purchase water will now have a guarantee of repairs and spare parts.
      • Of course that means listening to scientific advice, which cannot give any guarantees about outcomes.
      • The 30 day money back guarantee does not apply to Domain Name Registration or other services.
      • A commercial guarantee must be clearly drafted and indicate what rights it gives on top of consumers’ legal guarantees.
      • Therefore, on 31 March 1939, Chamberlain issued a formal guarantee of Poland's borders and said that he expected Hitler to moderate his demands.
      • The report also said that a guarantee of a quality training programme for non-consultant hospital doctors could help to keep medical graduates from going abroad to further their education.
      • Also, the food and facilities are not included in this guarantee - your portion of whatever these cost us will not be refunded.
      • I might actually be willing to pay the normal retail price to buy or rent DVDs, if in exchange I get a guarantee of quality and a decent selection.
      • But why should our team even have to wait with no guarantees as to the outcome anyway?
      • Never make guarantees about the outcome of a treatment.
      • Each piece is accompanied by a quality assurance card and has the guarantee of the International Gemmological Institute.
      • All products carry a five-year guarantee against possible faulty materials and workmanship.

  • 2

    • 2.1Law

      garantía feminine

    • 2.2Law

      garantía feminine
      prenda feminine

    • 2.3(person)

transitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1Business

      to guarantee sth against sth garantizar algo contra algo
      • it was supposed to be guaranteed fireproof se suponía que tenía garantía de ser antiinflamable
      • Some manufacturers have been willing to guarantee that their products are latex free, and others seem less than eager to supply information about their products.
      • Irrespective of market performance, the product guarantees 100 per cent of your money back at the end of five years.
      • The only thing that it guarantees with its product is that your car will meet these New Jersey standards.

    • 1.2Law

      (debt/treaty) avalar
      (treaty/debt) garantizar
      • So, I hope she would stand up, what, in my judgment, is best for America, and that is to make sure we do not have legal impediments in the way of universities assuring and guaranteeing diversity on campus.
      • For most agents to approve a rookie contract, option bonuses must be fully guaranteed.
      • The concept would certainly promote stability and guarantee a return to profits in the short term but also on the longer run.
      • During your stay you are almost sure to be guaranteed a friendly and hospitable stay by your host family.
      • A spectacular night's entertainment is guaranteed, so make sure you don't miss it.
      • This show is guaranteed to provide a night of pure enjoyment and entertainment.
      • Such a high court opening would virtually guarantee a blistering confirmation battle in the Senate this fall.
      • But I can promise you and guarantee you, after that situation, you will never hear me do that.
      • The downside is that they are not guaranteed to confirm one's opinions about the President in advance.
      • But if you want to ensure Cupid's bow really hits the mark, innovative tour operators and hoteliers have come up with some creative ideas they promise will guarantee you true romance home or away.
      • If a good service is provided then satisfaction is guaranteed.
      • You can be guaranteed substantial network coverage by simply wearing odd headgear.
      • But before that, make sure you can guarantee your safety.
      • But of course bonuses are never guaranteed and should not be counted on.
      • This is well worth a visit, and you can do so throughout the winter with one added bonus - you are guaranteed a brief escape from the weather outside.
      • These five tracks will be guaranteed between two and four plays across the week.
      • Fourth, the president must take immediate, urgent, essential steps to guarantee the promised elections can be held next year.
      • The range of activities available at the club's £3.7 million base is sure to guarantee its continuing popularity.
      • It used to be the case that once somebody had proven they were fleeing persecution, they were guaranteed five safe years in this country.
      • In fact, if it ever snows, one hotel guarantees it will provide free accommodation.
      • There are few pre-purchase checks that can guarantee you've bought a good one although the 1.8 litre does have a reputation for failing head gaskets so these are worth checking.

  • 2

    (promise, assure of)
    can you guarantee delivery before the 16th? ¿me garantiza que me lo entregará antes del 16?
    • an extra $2 will guarantee you a seat por dos dólares más tiene el asiento asegurado
    • to guarantee (that) dar seguridad de que
    • to guarantee to + inf
    • I can't guarantee to have it finished by then no puedo garantizar que vaya a terminarlo para entonces