Translation of guarantor in Spanish:


garante, n.

Pronunciation: /ˌɡɛrənˈtɔr//ˌɡar(ə)nˈtɔː/


  • 1

    (masculine and feminine) garante
    fiador masculine
    fiadora feminine
    garantía feminine River Plate
    to stand guarantor for sb salir garante / fiador de algn
    • There was initially a view put by the respondents who were guarantors of the tenant's obligations that indeed a new lease came into existence as a result of those negotiations.
    • The third party claim amounts to the guarantors asserting a claim and that is not permissible.
    • The second defendants are sued as guarantors of the cargo's proportion of general average, but the proceedings have not been served on them.
    • In Ohio a guarantor is a surety and has the statutory and common law rights and obligations discussed above under Accommodation Party.
    • I should also say the position was that all the beneficiaries were also guarantors.