Translation of guarded in Spanish:


cauteloso, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈɡɑrdəd//ˈɡɑːdɪd/


  • 1

    (admission/reply) cauteloso
    (optimism) cauto
    (optimism) comedido
    • The question took him by surprise, and his eyes grew guarded and cautious, his own grip tightening as well.
    • As for how that future might look, Nick is more guarded than others who've recently talked enthusiastically about what possibilities lie in store.
    • She quickly hid it back again, however, her eyes becoming guarded and wary yet again.
    • In as far as he allows personal sentiment to show, he indicates a guarded, sceptical, knowledgeable and shrewd affection for both in about equal measure.
    • The Refugee Council gave a guarded welcome to the proposals, with particular support for the ending of the ‘demeaning’ voucher system.
    • Skylar stared at him for a minute, his expression carefully guarded and inscrutable.
    • The drop in the number of serious firearms offences in West Yorkshire, against the national trend and for the second year running, deserves a guarded welcome.
    • The British Government gave a guarded welcome to the statement while stressing the need for the Good Friday Agreement to be implemented in full.
    • At the same time, it is not to be denied that his words, when he answered, were carefully guarded, and that he rose to take his leave.
    • In the light of all this, Paul probably would wonder about the times that we live our faith in guarded or cautious ways.
    • It's easy to see why MacLeod has to remain guarded and wary of all those he encounters.
    • But when asked to review Brigham City, an independent feature film by and about Mormons, I could only approach the task with guarded curiosity.
    • Without specific or new intelligence, a guarded and selective response must be better than a blanket one.
    • He tried to entertain Holly the best he could, though she was probably scared senseless by the smell of tobacco and the guarded expression Poppy always wore under all circumstances.
    • She gave a slight grin as well, though this one was carefully guarded.
    • I watched him carefully through guarded eyes and waited until I thought he had calmed down before I spoke again.
    • When she looks back on her days as a child actor, Follows is generally less careful, less guarded than she would have been at the time.
    • There was a sort of guarded idealism of the need to promote democratic values, coupled with the tragic acceptance that such sacrifice would always be misinterpreted and caricatured.
    • At present, his guarded manner and his reluctance to discuss his previous symptoms or violent behaviour make a detailed examination of his mental state extremely difficult.
    • There, though, the problems raised are only touched upon in a guarded fashion, with careful reservations and with a noticeable reluctance to arrive at a positive resolution.