Translation of guardian angel in Spanish:

guardian angel

ángel de la guarda, n.


  • 1

    ángel de la guarda masculine
    ángel custodio masculine
    • His guardian angel must have been watching over him.
    • She looked like an angel, a guardian angel sitting on this bench with me in the rain.
    • She looked as if she had seen an angel in disguise, perhaps a guardian angel.
    • She was saved by the grace of our heavenly Father, saved by a guardian angel.
    • But now thanks to a guardian angel, he's fulfilling another one of his dreams.
    • She told me that I had a guardian angel, apparently everyone has.
    • Then my inquisitive friend asked the her, ‘Does Johannes have a guardian angel?’
    • Maybe my guardian angel was just saying it wasn't my time, and maybe it was my husband's, saying it wasn't his time.
    • Just command your higher self, guardian angel, spirit guide, animal totem or whoever to make a snap decision for you.
    • When she put her feet on the highway again, she thanked her guardian angel for her preservation.
    • I explained to him that Mommy was called back to heaven to become our guardian angel.
    • Catherine and her guardian angel prove him wrong by resisting and dispersing the spirits.
    • Don't drive faster than your guardian angel can fly.
    • Well you can find classes on how to talk to your dead pets, how to identify your guardian angel, how to bend spoons…
    • I looked around, hoping, praying to a guardian angel to help me get out of this predicament.
    • He's my guardian angel, and I hope one day I'll have courage enough to tell him this.
    • I think my guardian angel was a well placed African pilgrim whose face I'll never forget.
    • Perhaps you can consider me a guardian angel of sorts, but do not fear me.
    • Since she was a child he had watched her, almost like a guardian angel.
    • It was as if I had a guardian angel watching over me.