Translation of guerrilla in Spanish:


guerrillero, n.


Pronunciation /ɡəˈrɪlə//ɡəˈrɪlə/


  • 1

    guerrillero masculine
    guerrillera feminine
    (leader/tactics) (before noun) guerrillero
    guerrilla group guerrilla feminine
    • The regiment has long experience in Yemen, where it fought against guerrillas in the 1960s.
    • When you're fighting guerrillas, or terrorists, the enemy is quite literally hydra-headed.
    • The US military estimated about 100 guerrillas had been killed in the assault.
    • The accepted ratio of government forces to guerrillas is often cited as 10:1.
    • He promised a massive military response to the guerillas with a budget of a billion dollars and a million men enlisted as volunteers.
    • Many innocent civilians have been caught in the middle of a war between the country's military and the guerillas.
    • This program forced civilians to take sides and served to increasingly isolate guerillas from popular support.
    • The military power employed went beyond American troops engaged in fighting guerillas.
    • During the eighteenth century, the Sikhs had to fight a guerilla war against huge forces.
    • By taking care of routine policing and security, they will free the US army to conduct raids and fight the guerrillas.
    • State news agency MIA said the guerrillas were opening fire from a Tetovo suburb.
    • In the rush to war, the Western Coalition was not prepared for the guerilla warfare they're now faced with.
    • It was system of indirect control, with the US constantly fighting low level guerilla warfare with special forces.
    • They were transformed into a both a modern guerilla force, and a terror outfit.
    • Russian forces have been fighting the separatist guerrillas on and off since 1994.
    • Rebel guerrillas would be tracked, then intercepted before reaching their targets.
    • It's not like Russia where you can retreat and retreat - you hole up and fight a guerilla war, or you run out of country.
    • In practice this has been an inefficient way of aiding the country's fight against left-wing guerrillas.
    • The US is concerned that the weapons are intended for domestic militias or foreign guerillas.
    • It was the first major strategic attack carried out by a guerilla force and the attackers came from within as well as without our society.