Translation of guess in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ɡɛs//ɡɛs/


  • 1

    you're allowed three guesses tienes tres oportunidades de adivinar(lo)
    • have a guess! ¡a ver si adivinas!
    • my guess was almost correct casi acierto con mis cálculos
    • it was just a wild guess fue lo primero que se me vino a la cabeza
    • to make a lucky guess atinar(le) por / de casualidad
    • our best guess is that it'll take at least three months calculamos que llevará por lo menos tres meses
    • Judgment is the ability to combine hard data, questionable data, and intuitive guesses to arrive at a conclusion that events prove to be correct.
    • To what extent was it based on estimates, guesses and interpretations, however well-founded?
    • Without complete designs for these projects, cost estimates are only wild guesses.
    • My guess is that there used to be flights at that stage directly from New Zealand.
    • The projections are only guesses, based on assumptions that workers will be with the company their entire careers and will receive annual raises.
    • They make guesses, set up provisional theories about what things mean, or how they might be expressed, and modify them in the light of experience.
    • The trouble with this is that many of the available numbers are guesses described as estimates.
    • Is anybody going to solve the theory and make a guess to what exactly is going on?
    • However, my best guesses are nothing compared to the insights of someone who actually manages to pull off good service.
    • Obviously, no one knows what the numbers or weights are - we can only make guesses, and we can argue about the assumptions underlying those guesses.
    • This is because we have to make guesses, judgments, and assumptions about who other people are and what they want.
    • But until now estimates of the shark harvest were little more than guesses, because the numbers depended on shark fishers to report their catches.
    • It allows, even encourages, inventive guesses, strange coincidences, popular theories with or without evidence.
    • First of all, my guess is we'll hear Premiers bickering over health funding within a year.
    • Well, there are lots of guesses out there, but it's hard to predict with any degree of accuracy.
    • And an evaluation of these environmental variables would save us from a wrong guess here.
    • On paper both teams are equally balanced and to predict the winner is your guess is as good as mine.
    • In contrast, a government that commits to the consequences of various actions on emissions can only hope that its estimates, or guesses, are on target, and so can its partners.
    • Estimates on the death toll are a guess as of now, but will probably be in excess of 10,000.
    • What we do is quite the reverse: that we form theories, or if that is too sophisticated a word, we make guesses, we have hunches and we test these guesses and hunches and theories against reality.

transitive verb

  • 1

    (conjecture, estimate)
    (name/total/answer) adivinar
    guess who she brought with her! ¡adivina a quién se trajo!
    • guess who! ¿a que no sabes quién soy?
    • guess what! ¿sabes qué?
    • you'll never guess what he said no te puedes imaginar lo que dijo
    • I can guess what's going through your mind me imagino qué estarás pensando
    • I guessed that he weighed about 150 pounds calculé que pesaría unas 150 libras
    • we're trying to guess their next move estamos intentando adivinar qué harán ahora
    • I guess it to be about ten miles calculo / me imagino que serán unas diez millas
    • they'd already guessed who was going to be appointed ya se imaginaban a quién iban a nombrar
    • I'm thinking ‘probably not’ and guessing it would be a pointless and frustrating distraction to both you and me.
    • As you may have guessed by now I believe adoption is a good course of action for many teenage mums.
    • I still haven't told my family, although I suspect they've already guessed.
    • We are then asked to guess her bra size from a number of options.
    • Anyone who has ever watched romantic comedies can probably guess how the rest of this gem of a movie develops.
    • We tend to assume that because we can guess the name of some very popular sites that the naming scheme works and makes sense.
    • I wasn't sure who she directed the comment to but I was guessing it was Max.
    • Although I haven't got the facts to hand, I'm guessing most pundits would also have predicted an up year for the market in 2001.
    • It was well good, you get lots of freebies, just a shame I'm not a big chocolate person, but I'm guessing TP will be very grateful for them.
    • She never imagined that anyone would guess that password but it seems they did.
    • Five of you managed to guess two numbers correctly, but alas nobody got three or more right.
    • Judging from the dust and general disrepair Xander guessed it hadn't been used in years.
    • The informant laughed when he told her, so she guessed it must be someone important.
    • Given the functional illiteracy on either side of it, I'm guessing it was a half-understood attempt to find a rhyme for a line that makes no sense anyway.
    • I'm guessing it's something to do with his cold, black heart, although maybe that's unfair.
    • I am sure you can guess the verdict; jaw-dropping effects and cringeworthy dialogue.
    • It'll be six months since I moved into the new place - which has crept up on me - and I'm guessing it's a year since my housemate moved in.
    • Judging from the moon's angle overhead, she guessed it was past midnight already.
    • But I'm guessing the pictures on the screens and most of the reportage in the papers is nothing to do with morals or politics.
    • Only I know, but I'll give a part to whoever guesses the correct answer.
    • You can guess whose graves these are, so I won't say it.
    • Instead of guessing the score, you recited your imaginary measurements!
    • I have no idea whether you need a visa for Russia, either, so would need to get that sorted out first and I'm guessing the beginning of February might be too soon.
    • A note especially to ladies and gay men: when a guy guesses your age, always add four years to his estimate, because that's the age he thinks you really are.
    • I am guessing that none of this makes any sense to those of you who are not from Georgia or the South, so allow me to explain the behavior of my people.
    • It's time to take the casket out of the church, and you guessed it, it weighs a ton!
    • It's easy to guess the inevitable response because people are genuinely predictable.
    • Whoever guesses the correct code will win the necklace, which is 18 carat white gold and set with a 0.3-carat diamond.
    • I'm guessing the author doesn't know how much she has in common with me.
    • One of us is wrong, and I'm guessing it might be me.
    • They are there instead of plying their trade on the streets expecting to meet, you've guessed it, a foreigner.
    • Instead they think of ways to get your data without randomly guessing the password.
    • Yup, you guessed it, they wanted more information from me and I've had my telepathy switched off so I didn't know.
    • I'm guessing the networks are already quietly preparing to open their own web services for this purpose.
    • I just discovered that it is the perfect size for a bottle of… yes, you guessed it.
    • The person who correctly guessed the number of balls in Sue's desk won a ticket to the final of the European Championship in Lisbon.
    • I haven't counted how much I received so far yet, but I'm guessing wallets are light and belts are tightening.
    • I'm guessing contracts involved dumptrucks full of money for everyone involved to do such a project.
    • Plus I'm guessing it'll be populated by wannabe hard nuts.
    • So now, even worms try to guess the passwords we keep on these machines.
  • 2US informal

    I guess so supongo (que sí)
    • I guess not supongo que no
    • she can't have got the message, I guess no debe haber recibido el recado, digo yo
    • So I guess the conclusion is that this is a mediocre, eminently forgettable album.
    • I guess it also gave him a chance to judge our skills in different situations.
    • I guess the secret is making sure that you have fabulously large sunglasses and a means of capturing events.
    • So I guess that by about 2020 the politicians will be taking half our money off us in taxes.
    • So I guess it is time to go and rest my head on the pillow, and let unconsciousness drown those thoughts.
    • History, I guess, will tell if our efforts prove enough or not for our World Cup chances.
    • Overall, I guess the most interesting part of the film was the attending audience.
    • I guess it's easy to criticise America and I'm sure the UK is no better in many respects.
    • It is a good method of getting people to donate in the leadup to election day I guess.
    • You are free, I guess, to take your pick in relation to these and similar options.
    • So I guess I owe it to myself not to wash any of the colour out of the telling.
    • I guess it's time to fix my mortgage rate, which I should have done earlier.
    • I guess only time and my son's evolving temperament will determine what I should do.
    • I guess the answer is to get this information out there so people can't ignore it any more.
    • I guess it's fairly predictable that I would instantly fall in love with a song that has such an expressive title.
    • Well I guess calling it by its real name here can't do any harm compared to this.
    • So I guess this is probably a good time to do an entry on the birthday celebrations.
    • I guess the most intriguing information I would have to share would be insight to your host.
    • Its primary purpose, I guess, is to plug her books, but it contains quite a lot of other stuff.
    • Ah well, I guess many of us are stupid and cynical and don't think things through when we are young.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    to guess right atinar(le) Mexico
    • to guess wrong equivocarse
    • how did you guess? ¿cómo lo has adivinado?
    • we can only guess at her motives solo podemos hacer conjeturas sobre cuáles fueron sus motivos