Translation of guffaw in Spanish:


risotada, n.

Pronunciation /ɡəˈfɔ//ɡəˈfɔː/


  • 1

    risotada feminine
    carcajada feminine
    he gave a loud guffaw soltó una gran risotada / carcajada
    • the suggestion was received with guffaws of laughter la sugerencia fue recibida con risotadas
    • You just thought that the red-headed lady with the corny song was funny, and deserving not only of a quiet chuckle, the restrained acknowledgment of tragicomedy, but of a hearty guffaw.
    • Such a remark ordinarily would deserve no more than a hearty guffaw.
    • Loud guffaws rent the air and before one wave of laughter could die another surged in.
    • True to her word, there were the unmistakable sound of Clark's hearty guffaws spilling into the room.
    • Bleak as the film is, there is occasional respite in the script, drawing wry smiles rather than hearty guffaws.
    • The sergeant, getting a pair of scissors, soon freed the car from its encumbrance, upon which the householder and the lodgers burst into loud guffaws of laughter.
    • Coach Rams burst into loud guffaws of laughter.
    • Isaiah and Gabe burst into loud guffaws of laughter, startling the hikers in front of us.
    • The workers' hearty guffaws followed her as she went through the swarm of mice quickly.
    • Suddenly the tension broke and loud guffaws shattered the silence.
    • They film him conducting ‘interviews’ with players in which the ‘questions’ seem composed entirely of hearty guffaws and backslaps.
    • I don't think I ever let out a hearty guffaw, but I chuckled on a number of occasions.
    • You might hear some pretty loud guffaws on that one.
    • Harry greets the mix up with a guffaw of laughter.
    • More style than substance, he spends more time discussing his new suits or launching hearty guffaws than breaking down football teams.
    • This proposal was met with guffaws of laughter from the Labour-dominated committee, which included the then Coun Keith Thomson.
    • At that, the speaker releases a hearty guffaw, for this is the fruit of his ploy.
    • Those looking for more meaning here than silly belly laughs and guffaws are bound to be disappointed.
    • He seemed to have heard her thoughts rather than her actual words, giving a hearty guffaw.
    • I think I may be a little self absorbed (T hears guffaws of knowing laughter from various corners of the globe).

intransitive verb

  • 1

    reírse a carcajadas
    carcajearse informal
    • They roared, guffawed, bantered, clinked glasses, made oafish attempts to chat up the waitress, and roared a bit more when one managed to get a fraction bit more of her attention than anyone else.
    • And then she has to meet the right man and go on dates and fall in love before being engaged for at least a year and then her gorgeous young guy zooms into the room, guffawing like a teenager, riding the scooter he gave her as a gift.
    • The Sheriff guffawed loudly at his own joke, though no one else joined in.
    • Inside my mother was still eating, and the men and girls next to our place were laughing and guffawing.
    • The nearby surrounding crowd broke into a smattering of laughter, not to mention his buddies who all guffawed loudly.
    • Her husband, also a film star, most laid back, most charming and who I was meeting for the first time, guffawed loudly and candidly acted out an impromptu spiel for me.
    • I guffawed to the point of strangers asking what I was laughing at.
    • Some were shouting angrily, some were talking loudly… and others were guffawing.
    • The others guffawed loudly and I could hear them exchanging teasing blows.
    • Karl guffawed loudly, but covered it with a cough and rolled over.
    • And I laughed and guffawed at the irony of it, and even Verge did let forth a merry mirth-filled giggle.
    • On a typical evening, one can see U.S. soldiers smoking from 4-foot-tall hookahs and security contractors guffawing over beer, their machine guns by their sides.
    • We'd sit around the magazine guffawing at the ludicrous stories that kept sprouting, but belief in shadowy neocon influence has now hardened into common knowledge.
    • I did, however, see them tittering, shrieking, guffawing and hooting with laughter at the madcap slapstick that has become the trademark of these two spiky-haired, South Yorkshire clowns.
    • The man guffawed loudly, slapping his hands on his obese legs.
    • Then a strange bloke started to hover near us (not literally although that would have been fun!) and every time I laughed he quietly guffawed.
    • She guffawed quite loudly, and then continued forth with several high-pitched giggles.
    • Randall guffawed loudly before returning his book to the bookshelf by his window.
    • As you sit in a small, black theatre watching a contemporary dance piece, the woman beside you sighs with knowing delight, while the man behind you heartily guffawed about five minutes ago, but who knows why?
    • The bizarrely rich visitor guffawed loudly and strolled out the door.