Translation of guide in Spanish:


guía, n.

Pronunciation: /ɡaɪd//ɡʌɪd/


  • 1

    • 1.1(directing tourists)

      (masculine and feminine) guía feminine
      • This has involved, for example, investigating the communicative tasks in Japanese facing Australian tour guides working with Japanese tourists.
      • The place is so well known internationally, that it is almost becoming a point of interest to visit in a tourist guide.
      • The tour guide helpfully tells tourists that the sculptures were brought to London for safekeeping, and acquired legitimately.
      • Tour operators and tour guides are almost completely without work.
      • They treated me to the trip (which must have cost over NZ $100) and acted as my tour guides practicing their English along the way.
      • My only reply was a chorus of laughter from the tour guide and my fellow tourists.
      • The plan will create jobs - as numbers of tourists increase, tour guides will be trained to take the groups to the circles and conduct the discussions.
      • The group consisted of public representatives, tour guides and tourism and heritage representatives.
      • Only those tour guides who collude with black market tourist shops should be firmly fought against.
      • The job of a tour guide is to serve tourists, not solicit customers for the shops.
      • We have provided parking space for buses ferrying tourists and locals will be used as tour guides.
      • The first group is of tour operators, tour guides, hosts and hostesses at the various lodges and camps who ensure your safety and welfare is taken care of.
      • The other side of the job is to act as a tour guide.
      • The entire poem is an address to tourists on the part of a tour guide.
      • I'd like to go back, and I'd like the place to myself for a few minutes, alone, without the braying tour guides and murmuring tourists.
      • The State Forest Minister even said that the locals will be allowed to act as porters and guides when tourism starts, as if it was a favour.
      • The same practice of self-protection is evoked in locations where tour guides take tourists from Hong Kong and China to unsavoury haunts which arrange live sex shows.
      • At the end of the tour the guide kindly requests the tourists not to feed any elephants when they are seen on the roads.
      • The organization recently held a 2-day seminar and workshop for tour operators and tour guides.
      • The document will also act as a guide for tourists visiting the province.

    • 1.2(adviser)

      consejero masculine
      consejera feminine
      I let my daughter be my guide me dejo guiar por mi hija
      • The former includes meditations on the precious human existence, impermanence, the defects of sasra, the workings of karma and the need for a spiritual guide or guru.
      • As the mother, you should be the guide and adviser.
      • His love of Islam as a philosophy of life and his own adherence to the simple yet profound principles of their lives make him an excellent teacher, a counsellor and a spiritual guide.
      • Even more earnest are the downloadable Islamic spiritual guides, quotes from the Koran, and schedules for dawn-to-dusk fasting.
      • He was a spiritual guide of the Lubavitch community in all matters.
      • Most parishioners, even the most ignorant, regarded the priest as a church functionary, someone who performed necessary services, rather than as a spiritual guide.
      • A spiritual guide is one of the most traditional jobs and one of the oldest variety show formats in Taiwan local culture.
      • The article goes on to detail how to read the future in a lampshade, contact your spiritual guides and ask the spirit world to get you the job you want.
      • I came up with the idea on Saturday, and chucked it around in my head a bit, mentioning it to my spiritual guide Swami Blue Witch.
      • For instance, I might be seeking the advice of a spiritual guide on whether or not to accept a new job.
      • Gurus may come from any caste group, and Brahmins need not be spiritual guides, though many are.
      • And many were the prophets and spiritual guides, yea, countless were they: they sprang from the dust and to dust they returned.
      • Rather than his spiritual guides, they are his faithful disciples.
      • Years after her adopted father died and after a visit to a psychic, she was told she had a spiritual guide called ‘The Bey’.
      • Spiritual guides hang out in relaxed places where they can be of assistance to others without revealing their supernatural powers.
      • Special spiritual forces or guides would assist her in this work, and most prominent among them was one she identified as Black Hawk.
      • She said their knowledge comes from the ‘Dreamtime’, their spiritual guide which teaches them how to hunt, the different skills they need and where to get food.
      • When in doubt, consult a spiritual guide well versed in Torah.
      • So, who wants to be my spiritual guide through this?
      • So the Evangelical pastors often served as counselors, spiritual guides and confidantes.

  • 2British

    exploradora feminine
    guía feminine
  • 3

    guía feminine
    a guide to New York una guía de Nueva York
    • a guide to healthy living cómo llevar una vida sana
  • 4

    guía feminine
    to use / take sth as a guide guiarse por algo
    • you can use the sun as a rough guide to your position te puedes guiar por el sol para tener una idea de dónde estás
    • I use the colors as a guide los colores me sirven de guía
    • these figures are a good guide to profitability estas cifras dan una buena idea de la rentabilidad
  • 5

    (groove, rail)
    riel masculine
    guía feminine

transitive verb

  • 1

    (tourist/stranger) guiar
    we were guided to the top nos guiaron / condujeron hasta la cima
    • a priest guided them round the cathedral un sacerdote les mostró la catedral
  • 2

    (help, advise)
    be guided by your instinct déjate guiar por el instinto
  • 3

    (steer, manipulate)
    guide the rope through the steel rings pase la cuerda por los aros de acero
    • the captain guided the ship between the rocks el capitán condujo / guió el barco por entre las rocas
    • he guided the conversation away from personal matters desvió la conversación apartándola de lo personal
    • he guided the nation through the crisis el país superó la crisis bajo su conducción
  • 4

    they need a guiding hand necesitan una mano que los guíe
    • under the guiding hand of her father de la mano de su padre
    • guiding light norte
    • guiding principle principio rector