Translation of guide dog in Spanish:

guide dog

perro guía, n.


  • 1

    perro guía masculine
    perro lazarillo masculine
    • This is the story of a guide dog for the blind, embellished with beautiful black-and-white photos.
    • Three firefighters are taking the plunge to help pay for a new guide dog for the blind.
    • It's been mentioned to me that the owner of the guide dog, being blind, can't be ‘watching’ the show.
    • I had assumed that there was no way for him to be able to do this simple task himself, without realising that this would be one of the situations that a guide dog would be trained to deal with.
    • Its steady, amiable temperament makes it a dependable guide dog for the blind.
    • I wonder what would happen if a blind man with a guide dog attempt to board his bus?
    • There were 95 incidents of fireworks being used as a weapon and the victims included three cats and six dogs, including a guide dog, two horses and a lamb.
    • Well after all, a guide dog could lead you safely out of the desert if you were lost.
    • It costs 35,000 to train and keep a guide dog during its working life.
    • The Labrador Retriever is also often selected as a guide dog for the blind.
    • An elderly blind woman and her guide dog were targeted by thugs who shot fireworks at them.
    • My wife, Sylvia, who has been blind since birth and her guide dog are devoted to each other and go everywhere together.
    • Police had to escort fire engines in Bradford because there was a fear of ambush and an elderly blind woman with her guide dog had rockets fired at them.
    • It costs £35,000 to rear and train a guide dog and then look after it throughout its retirement.
    • Guide dogs are provided free of charge to our clients, but it takes two years to train a guide dog, at a cost of 7,000.
    • This year marks the eighth year to climb a mountain as a challenge, and in doing so, will raise funds to train a guide dog to give someone an independent life.
    • It takes 18 months before a guide dog is fully trained.
    • She also plans to put on curry and Chinese nights and start a charity appeal to buy a guide dog for the blind.
    • And I use the word ‘trained’ in the same sense as I would if the student were a horse, or a guide dog for the blind.
    • The advert depicted a guide dog deliberately leading its blind owner into a pole in order to get at her take-away chicken.