Translation of guilt trip in Spanish:

guilt trip

remordimientos, n.



  • 1

    remordimientos masculine
    • By this point the guilt trip was beginning to work.
    • Don't feel you have to accomplish everything at once - that will put you on a guilt trip and you'll end up worse off.
    • I guess one of the wonders of technology is the capacity to lay a passive-aggressive guilt trip on me from 10,000 miles away.
    • The British public has been sold on a huge guilt trip that public consumption is good and private consumption selfish and ‘bad’.
    • The common reaction to peer pressure is the parental guilt trip.
    • But you are not helping by putting the guilt trip on them.
    • Then when the explanation ended, the guilt trip began.
    • But when you're unavailable - say you're grounded or have to babysit your bro - she tries to put you on a guilt trip.
    • Being reminded you haven't gone to church for a decade and a half is usually the start of an impressive guilt trip.
    • But it's a guilt trip that only works a few times.
    • So there is hope after all - the young Germans are getting over the collective guilt trip of their fathers and are not thinking they have to agree to every and any thing that has the words European Unity written all over it.
    • And when people get sick, they can't be on a guilt trip and say, oh my goodness, I should have prevented it.
    • Are they truly over their Christian guilt trip?
    • The siblings can be resentful and then they go on an immense guilt trip.
    • The ones from his mother were as he expected, a guilt trip and gossip fest that he just skimmed through quickly.
    • Fighting retail policies is a bureaucratic struggle, and educating consumers about how harmful everyday plastic items are just gives people a guilt trip without getting them to change their behaviour.
    • I knew that six weeks sounded longer than a month and half and that would give her a real guilt trip.
    • Scientists from the African diaspora aren't going to be hit over a head with a guilt trip but they can expect more offers of round-trip plane tickets and accommodation to pass on their knowledge back home at conferences and workshops.
    • Giving a new guy a major guilt trip will likely backfire.