Translation of gully in Spanish:


barranco, n.

Pronunciation /ˈɡəli//ˈɡʌli/


  • 1

    (small valley)
    barranco masculine
    • This left us essentially at the bottom of a gully and two or three hundred feet directly below Grewelthorpe.
    • To escape disqualification, the pair shot off down a rocky gully.
    • Another tragedy happened in heavy winter snow, when a girl had fallen down a gully at Hanging Knotts, above Angle Tarn.
    • All sorts of plants grow in rock gardens, thriving in sunny warm spots, dry ravines, damp gullies, and many other variations of temperature and soil conditions.
    • The second gully comes in once you have reached the conifers, two railway sleepers as a ‘footbridge’.
    • ‘We dug about six inches into a gully and sat in our tent with our hard hats on waiting for it to pass,’ said Titch.
    • We set off to walk the cliff path to St Abbs Head, a rugged headland etched with sheer sea cliffs and dramatically deep gullies.
    • The tidal bore comes in faster than a galloping horse, but first wilful surging water fills gullies and gaping holes left by the last ebbing tide.
    • These low water gullies can be classic fish-holding areas.
    • The following day they discovered that the plane had flown into the side of the mountain, which was shrouded in a snow-and-mist - covered gully.
    • On the south side of the plot is a gully of ice age origin, which would hold millions of newts if development drives them a few yards south.
    • To carry wheeled traffic from one side to the other and avoid the steep gully in between - with the Cowgate at the bottom - a flat platform was needed and Adam came up with the practical solution.
    • Descend in a NE direction until you reach a large gully.
    • This zigzags down to a grassy col, where you should take a path on the right side of the grassy hillock in front of you, taking care not to go too far to the right - because of steep drops down a gully.
    • The gully was eventually climbed by the united efforts of AE Maylard, Professor and Mrs Adamson and a Miss Weiss in 1897.
    • As we rounded the last corner to the hamlet we were surprised to find a Freelander upside down in the stream at the bottom of the gulley next to the road.
    • The Saharan winds were blowing sand onto fertile hillsides, and when it rained the water was cutting gullies through the rich alluvial soil along the wadi.
    • The team was flown up to the ridge within two or three minutes, and then winched down to a gully where Mr Boston was lying in a semi-conscious state suffering from head injuries, possibly a fractured skull.
    • It's unfinished, and the quite large figure of a hillwalker recently brushed in at the head of the gully suggests that the painter would like to show people grappling with the mountains.
    • Dawa has planted 20 cardiocrinums in his new Nepalese garden, complete with prayer wheel, in a steep gully leading down to the burn.
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    surco masculine
    cauce masculine
    • Since May the Liberal Democrats have allocated an extra £20,000 to empty road gullies and their linked drains.
    • Check that effluent collection channels, gullies and diversion systems are working and set to deliver the effluent directly to the storage tank.
    • Run-off from roads and farmland created some problems, blocking drains and gullies.
    • The heavy rain we recently experienced identified a number of areas causing problems and we have cleared the debris from these gulleys and ditches.
    • With the rise in temperatures and the warmer weather, infestations of the rat-tailed maggot have been reported and farmers are being warned to be on the look-out for them in buildings, drains and gullies.
    • To say that too much rain fell this week for the gullies and drains to cope with the weight of water is akin to the leaves on the line arguments put forward by the railways.
    • Under Coun Merrett's plan, all gutters and gullies in a street would be cleaned out on the same day.
    • They could also lobby Bradford Council to ensure gullies are cleared and drains unblocked.
    • Deep gullies run between the ramshackle dirt houses carrying away sewage in the open.
    • At one point the gully is deep enough for a man to stand in.
    • Now a review of the city's cleaning of gullies, gutters, footpaths and back lanes in terraced streets has prompted commercial services officers to study the issue.
    • You can also see gullies and huge channels of water draining from the city and then running back into the sea.
    • They then got trapped in the sand next to the Lancaster channel - one of four deep gullies that criss-cross the area.
    • Labour councillor Andy Mudd, who represents Keighley West Ward on the council, said he had been swamped with calls from members of the public concerned about broken culverts and blocked gullies.
    • You'll also notice definite long gullies and gutters that run through
    • His knowledge of every pipe, gully, drain, outlet and inlet was second to none.
    • Wessex Water spokesman Ian Martin said the smell had been coming from sewers and road gulleys in the village.
    • However, clay pipe fragments showed the gully to be post-medieval.
    • Some valuable information was given about cleaning grates, waste pipes, and gullies, in order to keep down offensive smells, and parents were encouraged to follow the advice given on feeding babies.
    • You'll still have to sweep or rake any leaves off the lawn, and keep drains and gullies clear.