Translation of gulp in Spanish:


tragar saliva, v.

Pronunciation /ɡəlp//ɡʌlp/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    tragar saliva

transitive verb

  • 1

    (food) engullir
    (drink/medicine) beberse de un trago
    (drink/medicine) tomarse de un trago
    • Kieran gulped the wine thirstily, and regarded the food without enthusiasm.
    • They're gulping whiskies and looking at images of carnage.
    • She gulped the drink down before ordering another one.
    • My aunt had a big and loyal constituency that typically gulped their food.
    • After gulping the orange juice down while leaning against the counter, I straighten up, rinse my glass and begin to head towards the hallway.
    • He gulped his beverage to the point of making himself burp - out loud.
    • Eat small meals, especially in the evening, and don't gulp food.
    • He smiled as Elena gulped her wine, put down the glass a bit too forcefully, and leaned on him, letting the sway of the car take it's toll.
    • He stopped only to gulp beer and munch curly fries.
    • The breaks were used to eat protein-rich snacks and energy-boosting beverages were often gulped down while still dancing.
    • She is a slow thoughtful eater and I gulp my food down but other than that we had lots in common.
    • The villagers were still warmly ensconced in their homes, some still clad in their sarongs, sitting with their hands clasped round their knees, gulping their hot coffee or smoking cigarettes.
    • By the time I'd gulped a coffee and got my legs working, it was quite bright.
    • He gulped down his food and quickly drained the glass.
    • Dodge, meanwhile, stayed in the makeshift camp to gulp some food, thinking he was about to work all night.
    • When the food did arrive, Glenn ate with a healthy appetite, tearing into the meat and gulping his ale without any thought of what it must taste like.
    • If you gulp your food down without chewing it well, all the glucose will be absorbed at the same time, the body will not able to utilise all of it and excess glucose will be converted into fat.
    • Reptiles and birds gulp their food down and hence lose much nutritive value.
    • While adults had to eat at least five cups of ice creams and drink a 300 ml bottle of Pepsi as fast as they could, children had to gobble three ice creams and gulp a soft drink.
    • This one girl gulped her drink greedily, only to then launch into this big thing about how we'd bought such cheap wine or champagne or whatever.
  • 2

    soltar informal
    • She gulped nervously as they disappeared and the creature tucked its membranous wings to itself and rocketed toward the group of the others that had broken out.
    • Jim gulped nervously, before dropping the lighter on the fluids.
    • I gulped back a laugh and eased up on the gas, slowing down to a steady 70 km/h.
    • She gulped nervously and her stomach felt like it would explode.
    • He gulped nervously and sweat dripped down his face.
    • He gulped back his fear and regret as he moved to the ledge.
    • I gulped back a sudden need to tear up and waited for him to continue.
    • She looked up nervously, gulped once and slowly stood up.
    • He gulped again and asked nervously, ‘Anyone see a little tan cat run through here?’
    • I gulped back my tears and the lump in my throat, trying to speak.
    • Amy gulped back the tears as they walked down the hall, talking about what they should do.
    • He gulps, and his emotions retreat behind a dispassionate mask.
    • I gulped nervously, not liking her presence in the room.
    • His little hand clutched the edge of his seat as he looked nervously around, gulping at the weird glow on the other people's faces.
    • Nick gulped, nervously adjusting the collar of his shirt.
    • I gulped nervously and then realized it was a mistake.
    • I gulped nervously, and shifted my glance to the other two.
    • She gulped nervously, realizing with a crash who it was.
    • He felt himself go dizzy, and had to put his head against a pillow slowly, closing his eyes and gulping nervously, not daring to move, in case he woke her up.
    • I gulped nervously as Andrea, Ariel and Mindy began to tiptoe closer to the security house, which was almost twenty feet away from them.


  • 1

    (of liquid) trago masculine
    (of air) bocanada feminine
    he finished off the beer in one gulp se terminó la cerveza de un trago
    • they took in deep gulps of air aspiraron profundamente
    • he gave a nervous gulp tragó saliva nerviosamente
    • After she drank a few gulps, she went back to the living room and went out the front door.
    • Tess started drinking big gulps of her cold drink.
    • He was still standing, but taking huge gulps of his drink.
    • Taking a gulp of water, Jake stared off into space for a moment.
    • The two boys paused at the cross walk and took a gulp of water.
    • When we got inside, I sat on one of the beds and started stuffing my face with the bread and cheese I bought, once in a while pausing to take a gulp of water.
    • After taking a big gulp of the yummy drink I went back into the garage.
    • She got a brew of her own and started drinking in big gulps.
    • He drank a few gulps from the glass before setting it down at the table.
    • His heart began to beat faster and he took a large gulp from his drink.
    • I took a gulp of it and burned my tongue in the process.
    • It was still a quite strong drink, and frankly, it wasn't something you'd drink in big gulps but was a sort of thing which would make you satisfied with a few sips out of it.
    • I took a gulp of water, unable to take my eyes off the pie.
    • She takes a gulp of her water and pours the rest in the sink.
    • Satisfied, she drank down several large gulps.
    • She drank it in big gulps, but managed to make the water spill all over her top.
    • Paul quickly got a large glass of chilled water at his request and sat in the chair opposite him while he drank in large gulps.
    • Taking a long gulp of his drink and drying his mouth on his already dirtied shirt he ordered me to pay the cable bill first.
    • ‘This is a good place to do science,’ he said, then took a gulp of his decaf.
    • Once he took a gulp of that water he felt entirely recovered.