Translation of gumbo in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈɡʌmbəʊ//ˈɡəmboʊ/

nounPlural gumbos

  • 1

    sopa de quingombó, mariscos o carne y verduras
    • Ozomatli musical fusions and cross-cultural unions create a gumbo of styles that include dub, samba, salsa and hip-hop.
    • Using the musical traditions of Quebec as their starting point, they bolt on jazz, Cajun and even Latin influences to create an infectious gumbo of sounds and rhythms.
    • In the space of an hour, they've managed to shoehorn in a little bit of everything; a genre-defying gumbo that should sound disparate, stupid and plain wrong.
    • All it is is a gumbo of different musical styles that I like and mixed up and thrown together.
    • Dance punk or dark disco - or whatever you label it - strives to mix politics, funk and electronica into a copacetic musical gumbo.
    • It's tracks like ‘Food For Thot’, which show his James Brown-esque funk gumbo perfectly.
    • First released in 1971, it's a glorious gumbo of big music, full of inspired playing by a band that had been on the road for the best part of half a century.
    • With the tracks largely bereft of melody or theme, Villalobos dives ever more deeply into percussive gumbo and leaves accessible hooks behind.