Translation of gunge in Spanish:


porquería, n.

Pronunciation /ɡʌn(d)ʒ//ɡəndʒ/



  • 1

    porquería feminine informal
    • A small silence ensued, punctuated by the less than pleasant sound of gloop and gunge bubbling through poor Graham's sinuses.
    • Tonnes of gunge has been cleared from the drainage system so that the rainwater that is very much part of Greenock life can seep away, and the home improvements are continuing.
    • So, I made coffee, and Graham dismantled the vacuum cleaner, clearing out all the hidden fluff and gunge that some fifteen years of faithful service hides away in such devices.
    • I had spent all my money caving in France over the summer and was trying to live on porridge, potatoes and some sort of powdered gunge that was supposed to provide all of the body's nutritional requirements when mixed with water.
    • His show - in which celebrities were humiliated by Blobby or doused in gunge - was a Saturday night staple until it was given the push in 1999 when viewers began to desert.
    • Concentration is adversely affected by smoking with the gradual blocking up of the arteries and veins with gunge from cigarettes that starve the brain of oxygen.
    • My nose running, my sinuses churning out gunge.
    • I'm as guilty of gunge in the keyboard as the next person (the first laptop was a prime victim of it, I have to say) but all the same, yuck.
    • This gunge makes your skin feel as if it has been swathed in silk.
    • The lips are painted over and over as tons of the red gunge dissolves, is eaten, licked off, absorbed.
    • The mechanism by which this cargo of gunge will be released is as crudely sensitive as it is simple.
    • The glass oven door was splattered with a mass of yellow and white gunge mixed with pulverised eggshells.
    • I'd just spent fifteen minutes stripping all the meat left over on the chicken carcass I'd roasted for our dinner yesterday in preparation for a top-crust chicken and mushroom pie for today and my hands were dripping with grease and gunge.
    • The Royal Society of Chemistry yesterday launched a search for the most spectacular growth of green gunge to be found in a forgotten mug at work.
    • Condenser boilers are more sensitive than older traditional boilers to sediment and general gunge flowing around the central heating system.
    • Three teachers from a Shepperton school were covered in green gunge last week, to raise money for a children's charity.
    • As she bent down awkwardly in a hopeless endeavor to retrieve them, her glasses and purse also disappeared into the watery gunge below.
    • Not only do the have a tube that look like an artery from which they squeeze some disgusting, off-white fatty gunge but it also has shots of various people smoking and the same gunge is dripping out of the end of the cigarettes.
    • You put bland milk in one end and gunge from the gates of hell erupts from the other.
    • An hour later, the repairman had consumed half a cup of tea, thoroughly cleaned the accumulated gunge off the various components of the system and replaced our thermostat.