Translation of gunner in Spanish:


artillero, n.

Pronunciation /ˈɡənər//ˈɡʌnə/


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    artillero masculine
    artillera feminine
    (in UK) soldado de artillería masculine
    • At the age of 16 he was called up for war service as an anti-aircraft gunner and was taken prisoner.
    • The gunner can operate either from within the vehicle or from a remote position up to 80 meters away.
    • You should nominate your best marksmen as snipers while your all-arounders act as assault gunners or sappers.
    • Every legion was of 50 men. 25 riflemen, 10 gunners, 5 snipers and 10 explosive.
    • He was a gunner and wireless operator in the 18th Armoured Regiment in Sherman Tanks.
    • The gunners had all opened fire at more or less the same time.
    • Furthermore, each team member should be capable of assuming at least one other team member's duties, to include radio telephone operators, machine gunners, and drivers.
    • Cramped in the tank for 36 hours at a time, he and a gunner, radio operator and Commander helped to hold a bridge outside the town.
    • The gunners spotted his jeep from the high peaks and targeted it - just for fun.
    • The 148 Btry. consists of radio operators, gunners, and a support staff.
    • The team leader made his decision quickly, and ordered his three gunners to open fire.
    • Either the gunner or the commander operates the turret control system.
    • Only the shock of the explosions and the occasional back blast of dust when a gunner opened fire reminded us we were in the midst of the most desperate urban battle since the fall of Baghdad.
    • Because of his blazing speed, Foster also will be used as a gunner on special-teams coverages.
    • Laser simulators have also sharply enhanced training realism for tank gunners and infantry small arms.
    • Eight basic character types are available, from the infantryman common to all game maps, NCO specialists, support troopers, machine gunners, snipers and paratroopers.
    • Squads of combat-equipped troops toting assault rifles and columns of Humvees with gunners at the ready crisscross its flooded streets.
    • Indeed, the wartime German school for gunners and crewmen lasted a full month, with a relatively small portion of the instruction devoted to actual live fire marksmanship.
    • When the mines had detonated the machine gunners and everybody else opened fire.
    • Today, September 7, is a special day for 3L gunners around the country.