Translation of gurgle in Spanish:


borbotar, v.

Pronunciation /ˈɡərɡəl//ˈɡəːɡ(ə)l/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (water/brook) borbotar
    (water/brook) gorgotear
    (baby) gorjear
    • Come the end of January there will be a brand new bouncing baby gurgling away.
    • A brook gurgled by peacefully and there, nestled against the coniferous trees, was a hut.
    • Water gurgled down in streams from the tin roof.
    • I couldn't take my eyes off the baby, which stopped crying and started to stare at me and then smiled and gurgled.
    • The water from twin streams gurgled over sculpted rocks on either side and collected into kidney shaped pools where rainbow-coloured carp circled and fed.
    • Water gurgled up out of the hole and the ice around it began to leak through long fissures.
    • The other daughter is only a few months old and hasn't yet made it past cooing and gurgling.
    • Then, it turns into a stream that gurgles past sleepy hamlets and sylvan surroundings.
    • Note the toddler ' gurgling in her high chair ' at the end of stanza two.
    • Once the water was gurgling through the machine, Clara collapsed into a chair at the table out of breath and limp from the effort.
    • When the water got cold I kicked the faucet and let it run until water gurgled into the overflow.
    • At the party Lillian Rose, wearing the rosebud dress bought by Yvonne, gurgled happily in her cot.
    • Water gurgled out of the rock, catching the desert sun like a shimmering, living jewel.
    • Her granddaughter, too young to walk, gurgles from the foot of the bed.
    • There was no bridge, but flat ferry-rafts winched their way across it on heavy cables, and icy, slate-gray water gurgled under a dull, pewter sky.
    • Even as a baby she did not gurgle or babble in her cot and instead remained silent.
    • Just outside my sala a small stream gurgles its way over a waterfall down to an ornamental lake.
    • From the floor of the second pitch, the water gurgles down a tight rift, but our route is along a traverse following a washed-out shale band.
    • As soon as the researchers restored real-time communication, the baby resumed gurgling and kicking its feet contentedly.
    • The little girl gurgled at her aunt.
    • The water gurgles between golden sand banks and rugged grey granite boulders that have given one island its name, Elephantine.
    • I splashed the cool water on my face and watched as the steady stream flowed from the faucet into the porcelain basin and gurgled down the drain.
    • As they gurgle and coo and laugh like crazy we realise they still possess something we have lost.
    • Yet below the mesquite bosk that edges the bed of Cienagua Creek, water gurgles up and flows intermittently from a mostly underground stream.
    • A baby in diapers makes the gurgling noises appropriate to a baby in diapers; the baby is hit on the hand and wails.
    • Little Eve is coming on nicely and is sitting up and gurgling and vocalising.
    • In my earliest years ' just another day ' would have involved gurgling around in nappies.
    • A baby is more than pretty little clothes on a gurgling bundle in the best pram around.
    • We stopped near a small spring that gurgled its way through the dense forest of rocks.
    • On the winding cobblestone streets of Lijiang's old town, canals and streams gurgled beneath gently sloping foot bridges.
    • A terracotta pot stands at the top of the feature, with water gurgling out into the pool below.
    • As the stream gurgles through the mountain into the valley, a young shepherd tends to the cattle, seated under a large tree.
    • "Yama," Shel gurgled, crawling to his mother's lap, leaving the beads he'd been playing with lying in the dirt.
    • In the first year, babies should " communicate in a variety of ways, including crying, gurgling, babbling and squealing ".
    • We decided to have bits of running commentary and you often hear the baby gurgling in the background.
    • A small crystalline brook gurgled over worn round stones as it ran to its destination.
    • She planted little kisses across its forehead and it gurgled.
    • She remembered the beautiful sweet natured baby gurgling happily in her arms.
    • He pushed the pram straight, his little baby boy inside, gurgling at the world.


  • 1

    (of water, liquid)
    borboteo masculine
    gorgoteo masculine
    • In the quiet hours before midnight I lay with my ear to the place and heard the trickling as from a spring, the gurgles and sucks and splashings.
    • He heard waves pounding in his ears, the soft gurgle beneath the waves, the silty sound of sand being moved within hidden currents.
    • I think I'm fascinated by all the food bits in my kitchen the way new parents are fascinated by all the gurgles and faces on their wee ones.
    • Lucy pointed, too, and made some gurgles, and even patted the boom mike while the cameras rolled.
    • A celestial organ devolves into the shrill shrieks of swooping banshees, and deep rumbles sound like the dyspeptic gurgles in a huge beasts' stomach.
    • Now, add a splash of peach schnapps, then a gurgle or two of Jack Daniels.
    • Bowel sounds vary greatly in pitch and quality, being low-pitched or high-pitched gurgles or rumbles. ‘Tinkling’ bowel sounds represent bowel obstruction.
    • And then there's these strange noises that sound a bit like a cat only quieter and with occasional gurgles.
    • The chirpy gurgles of my child takes away all the unhappiness at the end of a hard day's work.
    • From inside, there came the sound of women's chatter, as well as the gurgle of happy babies.
    • A gurgle, sounding very similar to a laugh, replaced her cries, and a smile graced her face as Trent picked her up.
    • The distinctive whining of a straining shield generator sounded, followed by the gurgle of flushing coolant, a desperate attempt by engineering to make the generator last longer.
    • I tried to speak, to say that of course I could, but a gurgle was all that sounded.
    • Continuing upward, we passed an old log barn from which we could hear the companionable gurgles and neck bells of sheep, safely shut away behind a door.
    • He felt a small gurgle of laughter in the back of his throat, at let it come, slipping into a smirk and then morphing into a grin.
    • The beat is the traditional 4/4 house beat, with plenty of skittering gurgles and found sounds mixed in.
    • But the flip side is the footballer who hates to lose, and no matter how cute the tot's gurgles are, he won't lift his father's spirits if Celtic and Ross County succeed where Iceland and Canada failed.
    • I couldn't stop the gurgle of laughter erupting.
    • They look sweet, they don't answer back, and their thought process is hidden behind gurgles and smiles.
    • Needless to say I arrived at the meeting and, much to my relief, managed to control myself sufficiently to avoid any embarrassing gurgles…
  • 2

    (of delight)
    gorjeo masculine
  • 3

    (from choking)
    grito sofocado masculine
    grito ahogado masculine