Translation of gut-wrenching in Spanish:


devastador, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈɡʌt ˌrɛntʃɪŋ///



  • 1

    • She felt she had no other option; it was a gut-wrenching decision.
    • Yesterday's set of exquisitely correct opinions concluded with a statement about his gut-wrenching detestation of war.
    • It was only hours later, after a gut-wrenching search through the body-strewn resort, that they found him alive.
    • Her struggle with the drought is gut-wrenching and the ending heartbreaking.
    • I gave one final, gut-wrenching, adrenaline-pumped heave.
    • There was no disguising the stunned faces of the 24 players for whom every gut-wrenching hole had the atmosphere of the last in a major championship.
    • It is a gut-wrenching cry that can apparently signify great joy or extreme pain.
    • Her father said: ‘It's a really difficult time. It's gut-wrenching for all of us.’
    • In battle, gut-wrenching fear was the dominant emotion.
    • It was gut-wrenching to see the nurse's eyes - an endless and genuine depth of care, affection and love as she adjusted the blanket and stroked Gran's hair.
    • Her quivering sobs are more the stuff of movies than of daily serials which offer more intrigue than gut-wrenching emotion.
    • In his moment of gut-wrenching disappointment, Taylor said all the right things in congratulating the winning candidates.
    • ‘It was gut-wrenching to learn of her murder in your paper,’ she said.
    • It is perhaps a bit strange that this week, after losing by a bigger margin, the disappointment is not quite so gut-wrenching.
    • The initial shock and disbelief at the news was replaced by a gut-wrenching amalgamation of loss, tears and anger.
    • They still had to survive some gut-wrenching moments after that.
    • It was a gut-wrenching climax to yet another nerve-jangling afternoon.
    • It is gut-wrenching stuff, with raspy vocals that constantly upset the balance between inner-strength and genuine heartbreak.
    • And now she brings us the gut-wrenching story of another remarkable young lady.
    • At night she would wake up with nightmares and her shrieks were gut-wrenching.