Translation of guts in Spanish:


tripas, n.

Pronunciation: /ɡʌts/


  • 1

    • 1.1(bowels)

      (feminine plural) tripas informal
      to cough one's guts up reventarse tosiendo
      • to hate sb's guts no poder ver a algn
      • they hate each other's guts se odian a muerte
      • to have sb's guts for garters sacarle las tripas a algn
      • to spill your guts contar la vida y milagros
      • she spilled her guts to a journalist le contó su vida y milagros a un periodista
      • to work / slog one's guts out deslomarse (trabajando)

    • 1.2(internal mechanism)

      (feminine plural) tripas informal

  • 2informal

    (feminine plural) agallas informal
    it takes guts hay que tener agallas
    • they've got guts tienen agallas
  • 3informal, derogatory

    tragón masculine informal
    tragona feminine informal
    glotón masculine
    glotona feminine
    angurriento masculine Southern Cone
    angurrienta feminine Southern Cone