Translation of gutsy in Spanish:


con agallas, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈɡətsi//ˈɡʌtsi/

adjectivegutsier, gutsiest


  • 1

    (person) con agallas informal
    (person) agalludo Latin America informal
    • To Jack, it was the great thing about the American spirit: That it was born of gutsy determination and, as with any good superhero, compassion for all.
    • The judges praised their research skills and their gutsy and determined reporting.
    • I knew him as a player, and he was very determined, gutsy and knew what he wanted.
    • His one-under-par 70 was a gutsy performance given he was fighting against aching legs, a bad back and a wayward three wood which prompted waves of insecurity every time he pulled that club from his bag.
    • Lydia is such a gutsy and determined little girl, we are just glad to have been able to help her.
    • Still, for all his apparently gentle appeal on and off the course, Donald is a determined and gutsy competitor, one who appears to be more and more comfortable in the harshest of spotlights.
    • His gutsy ten-inning pitching performance in that deciding game still stands out in Phillies' lore.
    • Coming from the fringe of the electoral area, this was a gutsy performance by the Newport man who has had to fend off many heavy tackles in both his football and journalistic careers over the years.
    • They could do little else as they were facing a hammering and their gutsy performance in the last third of the match may have gone some way to mollifying the home support in the 6,000 crowd.
    • Although both Oxford 2nd teams lost, the performances were gutsy and the pride of representing Oxford in this historic occasion shone through.
    • What the CDs cannot however capture, is the verve and the gutsy performance which is all part of the live gig.
    • I suppose the best thing Wexford can hope for is to give a very gutsy performance.
    • After losing to Argentina they did at least put in a gutsy performance against Australia in the rain.
    • Their gutsy performance was just what was needed to pull the crowd onto the floor.
    • Their story, combining heart-rending drama and gutsy determination, was a natural for the big screen.
    • She is a person I would describe as having gutsy determination.
    • As was the case with Carlow's performers last weekend, gutsy determination was in plentiful supply with participants giving their all in all competitions.
    • She is incredibly resourceful, managing at one point to kill two men while her legs are in a state of paralysis, and in possession of a gutsy determination which enables her to travel the world in search of the people on her death list.
    • Rob's strengths lay in absorbing the pressure and criticism, and in doing this well he more than proved himself courageous, gutsy and tough.
    • Her gutsy yet lustful performance made her one of the most adored actresses in Hong Kong and also brought critical acclaim.
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    (rhythm/prose) vigoroso
    (rhythm/prose) desenfadado