Translation of gutta-percha in Spanish:


gutapercha, n.

Pronunciation /ˌɡʌtəˈpəːtʃə//ˌɡədəˈpərtʃə/


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    gutapercha feminine
    • Undaunted by the loss of hundreds of miles of wire wrapped in gutta-percha, canvas and tar, his company tried for a fourth time in 1866, constructing a further 1800 miles of cable.
    • We also have gutta-percha, sago, rattan, and ketchup.
    • We have Vernetta Lopez and all the other Eurasians on telly and radio, and we have the de Souzas and the D'Almeidas, who made their fortune harvesting gutta-percha which was used to insulate telegraph wires.
    • Dr. Lowell's initial attempt at the golf tee was made of gutta-percha, a material used to make false teeth and golf balls in the 19th century.
    • Lightweight wire, collapsible steel, whalebone, horsehair, and inflatable gutta-percha were used at various times to create or strengthen bustles.