Translation of guv in Spanish:


jefe, n.

Pronunciation /ɡʌv//ɡəv/



  • 1

    jefe informal
    patrón Southern Cone informal
    • I didn't jinx the football results with my rant yesterday, honest, guv!
    • It's as simple as that, guv - no engineering work required!
    • He pines for the old mythology of a clean, civilised Rome - no unwashed masses here, guv - no matter how preposterous it is in light of the evidence.
    • The perpetrators - civil servants, architects, contractors, the Scottish Executive and the ‘Corporate Body’ are all saying: ‘sorry guv - I just work here’.
    • The problem is that this panel has apparently insisted that the guv should guarantee the safety of traditional and organic farming methods and compensate those farmers in the event of contamination.
    • I was only trying to protect my shareholders, guv!
    • Spare any chord change for a cuppa, guv?
    • The guv was forced to hold a press conference, at which he explained that the whole thing was ‘totally coincidental.’
    • The guv frequently chats up his ambitious plan to reinvent the commonwealth as a national - even global - leader in clean energy.
    • She said that Wilcox, of no fixed address, told the officer: ‘Sorry, guv.’
    • No, guv, it musta been some other cat wot done it.
    • I replied, ‘Don't ask me guv, I'm trying to lose weight myself.’
    • I don't expect to see an article quoting the queen as saying, ‘Wotcher say 'bout that then, eh, guv?’
    • No strings, guv, honest - they won't cost you a bean.
    • ‘Sorry guv,’ came the reply, ‘all my fancy wrapping materials are in my store up by the Strand and I can't leave the barrow.’
    • I'd shopped and I wrapped all my gifts full of love for our five picky teens, the black Lab and the guv.
    • One such, who is nicknamed by his former friends as Terrible Terry, took to pestering strangers on the beach with the phrase, ‘Excuse me, guv, could you help out a fellow countryman who has fallen on hard times?’
    • Unless, of course, it's talking about buying the services of a lumpen eared crew in a white transit so as you can really boss it about your manor, guv.
    • He shrugs off the incessant scrutiny, and says: ‘Not me, guv.’
    • As he says: ‘You wouldn't want to find yourself in the shower with one, would you, guv?’