Translation of guv'nor in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈɡəvnər//ˈɡʌvnə/



  • 1

    • For a lot of white rock boys of a certain age, he was the guv'nor; initially, his solo material was at least tolerated by the trendier crowd.
    • ‘Officially, in the beginning, he was the guvnor.’
    • Because of the winners I've had, the guv'nor has put me on nicer horses and that's given me confidence.
    • He's a big man, who doesn't like people getting too close to the guvnor.
    • Think street-wise gentleman or guv'nor in clean cut double-breasted three-piece suits that flash vibrant linings of orange, reds and pinks, under heavy sheepskin coats and you've got the Lilliard look.
    • But Jackie's a good guv'nor in design terms because, if there's a criticism of my own design it's that it's sometimes a bit over intellectual, and she levels me out.
    • Ryan's career declined along with that of his guv'nor and he will hand in his licence at the end of the season.
    • The officers were suffering from low morale caused by their guv'nor (let's call him Jimmy) who was intensely disliked.
    • ‘The guv'nor said he has never had him better,’ said the winning jockey, also landing his first Gold Cup and biggest domestic success to date.
    • Pressley had better be quick as, if he doesn't reach the podium sharpish, he might find his guvnor has already lifted the pot.
    • The guy I called didn't answer the phone by saying ‘‘Allo, guv'nor!’
    • ‘If you want to find this bloke so much, guv'nor,’ he once suggested, ‘why not look in the telephone directory?’
    • I wasn't, honest guv'nor, I was just trying to look at the stars.
    • A few times, I have arrived at a big racing yard for first lot and got there before the guv'nor.
    • Oh no, you wouldn't catch me doing that, guv'nor.
    • ‘I saw your guv'nor lighting up his fag after telling me not to,’ he told me with obvious glee.
    • I know I was driving too fast, I know it is irresponsible, I know I have no argument - I was caught, bang to rights guv'nor.
    • Worth a tenner of anyone's money - know what I mean, guv'nor?
    • Although no one has ever called me the guvnor with hair like this!
    • And I fell in love with pubs, with being a guv'nor, with all of it.