Translation of gymnasium in Spanish:


gimnasio, n.

Pronunciation /dʒɪmˈneɪziəm//dʒɪmˈneɪzɪəm/

nounPlural gymnasiums, Plural gymnasia

  • 1

    gimnasio masculine
    • The four of us, after changing into gym clothes came out of the locker room into the gymnasium.
    • Nobody in the game can move iron like he can and he trains at a gymnasium used by Olympic class weightlifters.
    • They are surrounded by landscaped gardens and a leisure centre with a gymnasium, sauna, cafeteria and bar.
    • Rooney's new pad will have six bedrooms, each with their own bathroom, and a gymnasium, an indoor swimming pool with jacuzzi and a private cinema.
    • Like other modern gymnasia, imported exercise machines here promise to prevent and treat injuries caused by sports activities.
    • Plans for the 21-year-old hotel include putting in a swimming pool and a gymnasium on the top floor.
    • They also put forward the idea that school gymnasiums, exercise rooms and pools could be geared specifically to adolescent groups during evening hours.
    • To cap it all, the building's architecture is redolent of the classical Greek culture that originally founded the concept of gymnasia and held physical exercises in the very highest esteem.
    • This facility is equipped with three gymnasiums, the largest seating 5,000 spectators.
    • They have low-fat and low-sodium diets and tend to be over-represented in the gymnasium and aerobic exercise groups.
    • Yet he turned down offers to compete, instead spending hours practicing after school in empty gymnasiums or his tiny room, sometimes just sitting cross-legged and staring at a wall until bedtime.
    • More and more high schools are building larger and grander stadiums and gymnasiums.
    • I nodded with a smile, walking across the gymnasium towards the locker rooms.
    • He passed multiple doors that led to offices, closets, cafeterias, living quarters, study rooms, gymnasiums, garages, and practically everything one could ask for in a colony.
    • At the end of this corridor is a large extension which would be ideally suited for use as a games room or home gymnasium.
    • After the game, there was to be a dance in our gymnasium since the game was at home field.
    • It will see the construction of a clubhouse on two floors with six changing rooms and gymnasium, a bar, kitchen and dining room.
    • In addition to the house there is a leisure complex to the north, which includes a large function room or gymnasium and a swimming pool which is in need of some maintenance.
    • People are likely to be less active in their lifestyles because of lack of time to exercise or because of the lack of decent or inexpensive gymnasiums, swimming pools and other recreational facilities.
    • Once I had gotten out of the locker room and into the gymnasium, I tried to ignore their gazes, but it was too hard.