Translation of gyrate in Spanish:


girar, v.

Pronunciation /ˈdʒaɪreɪt//dʒʌɪˈreɪt/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    gyrating wildly on the dance floor bailando desenfrenadamente en la pista
    • I flicked my eyes to a random jock gyrating his hips in the most vulgar manner possible to the beat of the music.
    • The cheerleader gyrated wildly before the screaming fans.
    • David swivels and gyrates to the point where I'm practically drooling with heavy duty lust.
    • She couldn't dance very well, but from the way everyone else was moving, all she would have to do was gyrate her hips, and she would be fine.
    • The way Perry gyrated and moved his booty on stage was incredible.
    • She gyrates frenetically with an abandonment borne of pure intoxification, and scatters her money haphazardly over the stage.
    • In the heat of the day the pool beckoned and the nights were spent in the pulsating disco gyrating with the local beautiful people.
    • She spun, leapt, and gyrated, moving slowly enough for people to see, but quickly enough to amaze them.
    • Among the hubbub of dance beats and gyrating bodies grew a feeling of discovery, of enthusiasm for something new.
    • There was loud disco music playing and two little girls with no boobies gyrating in a vaguely pornographic manner.
    • She often rocks, sways, twirls, jumps, climbs, leaps, gyrates and gets into upside-down positions.
    • I was uncomfortable with the amount of sexually suggestive gyrating the dancers, and even the band, were making.
    • Then he bent down and gyrated, dancing just for her.
    • The dance beat cranks, and the bodies continue to gyrate.
    • Another was reported to have taken to the stage, removed his shirt and started to take his trousers off as he gyrated round a pole.
    • I helped her up and then she gyrated her hips, grabbed my hand, and moved to where the other people were dancing.
    • He has become bored with watching cheap women dance and gyrate for his pleasure.
    • Vince asked the two, pretending not to notice the silicone-stuffed stripper gyrating inches in front of him.
    • She made her way to a platform in the middle of the court and gyrated suggestively in front of a wind machine.
    • Amid the strobing lights and gyrating mass of bodies, she moved to the pulses and swirls in the music.

transitive verb

  • 1

    hacer girar