Translation of hackberry in Spanish:


almez, n.

Pronunciation /ˈhækˌbɛri//ˈhakb(ə)ri/

nounPlural hackberries

  • 1

    (tree) almez masculine
    (tree) almezo masculine
    (fruit) almeza feminine
    • Walnut trees can also grow in small groups or as scattered specimens mixed with American elm, hackberry, boxelder, sugar maple, green and white ash, basswood, red oak, and hickory.
    • Wild fruits such as hackberries and grapes supplemented the diet.
    • In addition to the oaks, the city lost wax myrtles, hackberries, weeping willows and magnolias.
    • While the inhabitants of the cave probably consumed hackberries and grapes as fruits, the remaining seed present are likely incidental.
    • Some of the primary plants for butterfly larvae include: aspen, alfalfa, clover, nettle, pearly everlasting, milkweed, grasses, hackberry, parsley, vetch, and willow.
    • Also fairly common are bluejack oak, netleaf hackberry, honey mesquite, and prickly ash.
    • The earliest inhabitants of the cave utilized the entrance chamber from autumn to winter, as evidenced by a reliance on the fall nut mast, such as hickory and walnut, and wild fruits such as hackberry.
    • So when you eat the hackberries, wash them first.
    • In spring they also eat hackberries here, but this year the supply had been exhausted in early winter.
    • He promotes the planting of trees indigenous to southern Ontario that provide large canopies such as the sugar maple, red oak, hackberry and black walnut.