Translation of hadn't in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈhad(ə)nt//ˈhædnt/

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    • We are absolutely convinced if we hadn't taken him for a third opinion he would have died.
    • If they hadn't got him up within an hour, the circulation would have gone in his legs.
    • The problem was we hadn't been able to hold the ball up front, so it came back straightaway.
    • I can only imagine what would have happened to me if my friends hadn't been so great.
    • He buried himself in the speech he was writing and pretended he hadn't a clue who I was.
    • Was it a rich sensory experience that took your head to places you hadn't known existed?
    • Who would have thought about her age if she hadn't waved it like a flag in everyone's faces?
    • The minister said it was a long time ago, and that he hadn't enjoyed the experience.
    • We feel if we hadn't gone to this incident the property would have been destroyed.
    • She also added on the final page a note that she hadn't taken all the photographs.
    • My garage was so full of this kind of stuff, that I hadn't seen the back wall for a couple of years.
    • Every doctor who came to see me afterwards said they hadn't expected to see me alive again.
    • She told me how she hadn't wanted to have a mentor, but her teacher made her join the programme.
    • He believes if he hadn't learned the procedure at first aid courses she would have died.
    • Both dishes were huge and we were relieved we hadn't ordered an appetizer per person.
    • I dread to think what would have happened if she hadn't had us looking out for her.
    • The only problem is that he would have achieved exactly the same effect if he hadn't made the ad at all.
    • It if it hadn't been for that phone call I would never have believed it was possible.
    • The service up to that point hadn't been so bad, although no one had offered to hang up our coats.
    • It could have been much higher if we hadn't decided to take some painful decisions.
    • had not