Translation of hag in Spanish:


bruja, n.

Pronunciation /hæɡ//haɡ/


  • 1

    (ugly old woman)
    bruja feminine
    arpía feminine
    • They were friends, but also colleagues, and the last thing she wanted was to get all the old hags in the school talking.
    • Suddenly the doorman announces that an old crone, a hag palmist is at the door, demanding to tell the fortunes of the young and single women in the room.
    • After all the old hags we met before, this one actually has teeth.
    • She had quickly adapted to the smoky atmosphere, but still was uncomfortable around the schizophrenic old woman; sometimes, she was the mad hag that she and Chrissey had met originally.
    • Maidens and old hags alike swooned in his presence.
    • At first, I found it harder to ignore the pleas originating from young children, women, and old hags.
    • A few old hags, had even used it as a necklace to accessorize with.
    • I had the vaguely presentable air crew, they had the old hags nearing retirement.
    • And they look nothing like this now, the jaded old hags.
    • I settled for Church and watched as these old hags praised Jesus like there was no tomorrow.
  • 2archaic

    fada feminine archaic
    hechicera feminine
    • We are little-known and therefore little-understood, and this is exacerbated by Pagans who insist on aligning us with mythical broomstick-flying wart-sporting hags.
    • He was getting impatient and though she'd done almost everything to have every man despise her, she knew there were certain others who wouldn't care if she were a hag or a witch just to get her inheritance.
    • This is a place where witches aren't green hags, flying broomsticks, and scaring children away.
    • I mean, doesn't everyone think Witches are mythical old hags who ride broomsticks and turn princes into frogs?
    • You can see wicked witches, grinning goblins, and hallucinating hags!