Translation of hairball in Spanish:


bola de pelo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈhɛrˌbɔl//ˈhɛːbɔːl/


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    bola de pelo feminine
    • This sometimes results in a serious medical problem called gastric bezoar - more commonly known as a hairball - which may require surgical removal.
    • And when a reporter dared ask what the new newsroom efficiency committee was all about, it was as if a cat had coughed a hairball out on the rug.
    • Cats form hairballs as a result of chronic grooming and hair ingestion, and they cough or vomit up the hairball when it becomes large enough to cause irritation.
    • Jim has a magical hairball that was removed from the fourth stomach of an ox.
    • But, since I missed the fresh hairball by the bed with my bare foot with at least an inch to spare, I can't complain that the day started badly.
    • Grooming a cat also reduces the risk of hairballs.
    • To prevent hairballs, groom your cat frequently to remove loose hair.
    • You can help prevent hairballs by grooming your cat frequently to remove the excess hair that will cause them.
    • If your cat continues to have trouble with hairballs, talk to your vet about what you should do to improve this.
    • Regular brushing can prevent hairballs in cats.