Translation of haircut in Spanish:


corte de pelo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈhɛrˌkət//ˈhɛːkʌt/


  • 1

    corte de pelo masculine
    to have / get a haircut cortarse el pelo
    • There's also a salon for haircuts, pedicures, manicures and makeup lessons.
    • Until the 1970s only a few men went to a salon for a haircut and styling.
    • I've decided to take a risk and try a highly-raved about salon for my haircut instead of my usual haunt.
    • Yesterday as I drove to the beauty salon for my haircut.
    • Sammie grabbed my arm and yanked me into a salon where she forced me into a haircut.
  • 2

    corte de pelo masculine
    peinado masculine
    • Each period has a look, difficult to define but instantly recognisable; partly a matter of haircuts and style, partly the type of face considered handsome.
    • You should also get a haircut regularly as it will make your hair easier to style, and keep it looking neat most of the time.
    • But I'd add a few particulars: first, look for people whose haircuts you like, but who also have your hair type.
    • Less is more when it comes to style and color, and with the right haircut, your hair can become low on maintenance and high on style.
    • A bevy of beauties from Bangalore promenaded all over the saloon, sporting some of the trends in haircuts and some wacky coiffures.
    • They successfully combined cutting edge fashion with a haircut that suits you personally.
    • New hairstyles and haircuts are great ways to change your look, especially if you feel like you are due for some sort of change and are tired of your mundane, routine look.
    • He was white, around 5ft 9in, stocky and muscular, with a crew-cut style haircut and he looked scruffy.
    • And during videos, other flight attendants would provide haircuts, styling and shoe-shining at your seat.
    • His haircut is short and extremely sophisticated.
    • And get a tan, a cool haircut and some fashionable clothes.
    • A few strands of black hair hung in the man's eyes; his haircut looked like a crew cut not taken care of.
    • I would never turn down a request for help determining what styles or haircuts would look good on someone.
    • Look after your hair - have a haircut every six weeks or so.
    • Facials, manicures, body massage, electrolysis, not to mention haircuts, highlights and perms are all on offer at a fraction of the price you'd pay at a high street salon.
    • Get a fresh haircut, trim your fingernails, and shine your shoes if needed.
    • We've arrived at a day and age when it's the person who wears the haircut and style, rather than the other way around.
    • There used to be a lot of bad haircuts, now men are going into ladies salons and having their hair styled more.
    • You've finally found the right haircut but still can't quite achieve the style you're looking for.
    • Their faces, their athletic style, even their haircuts are as familiar as their names.