Translation of hairdresser in Spanish:


peluquero, n.

Pronunciation /ˈhɛːdrɛsə//ˈhɛrˌdrɛsər/


  • 1

    peluquero masculine
    peluquera feminine
    to go to the hairdresser's ir a la peluquería
    • My hair was all shiny and smooth from the stuff the hairdresser put in my hair yesterday.
    • The category includes the legal economic activity of hairdressers and manicurists.
    • Thoroughfares in and out of the cities are lined with innocent looking hairdressers and beauty parlours.
    • Why is it that her worst hairdos were when she was married to a hairdresser?
    • My mum goes to the hairdresser when she needs her hair cutting, but she always asks me to check if they're doing it right.
    • We provide new clothing, a shower, new haircuts by professional hairdressers and access to healthcare.
    • My father's living was the manufacture and sale of shampoo to hairdressers.
    • Beauticians, hairdressers and other businesses have offered their services and there will be a number of treatments on offer.
    • The question I am struggling with at the moment is: do I ask my hairdresser for a bag of my hair?
    • Bruce, who is training as a hairdresser and beautician, was also on her way to the protest last night.
    • She always loved doing her hair and knew she was going to be a hairdresser.
    • Today, I spent a long time at the hairdressers, gossiping with the staff and having my hair coloured and snipped and fiddled with.
    • Occupational hazards of hairdressers include having to listen to the dulcet tones of their clients.
    • It's easy to look great when a team of make up artists, hairdressers and stylists surrounds you.
    • Three hairdressers appeared at daybreak in order to ready my hair for the wedding.
    • My hairdresser refused to colour my hair unless I had a skin test to ensure I was not allergic to the hair dye.
    • She tells me she is just back from the hairdresser and the coiffure will revert to ragged ringlets as soon as it hits rain.
    • It doubles as a touch-up for hair roots between visits to hairdressers, but it will wash out.
    • This method is not widely recommended by hairdressers, as it can damage your already processed hair.
    • The heating had failed at the hairdressers and Jerry had to keep putting on the hairdryers in a futile attempt to warm the place.