Translation of hairnet in Spanish:


redecilla, n.

Pronunciation /ˈhɛːnɛt//ˈhɛrˌnɛt/


  • 1

    redecilla feminine
    • Her hair was pulled into two neat buns on either side of the back of her head, and covered with hairnets.
    • The food was served by women in turquoise, nylon uniforms, their hair tucked up under hairnets and plastic shower caps.
    • I have to wear a red and white striped apron and my hair pulled back into a hairnet.
    • My daily dinner money was nearer 15p, and for that I got a plateful of real food, lovingly produced on the premises by battleaxes in pink hairnets.
    • ‘I was the woman in the hairnet serving ice cream,’ she recalls.
    • A slightly heavy set lady with gray-brown hair neatly tucked under a hairnet approaches the two young adults pulling out a slip of paper tucked into her batter-covered apron.
    • It isn't just the sausage and bacon that make this place oily; it's the tables and chairs, the dusty potted plants in the window and the grumpy waitresses with their dinner lady hairnets.
    • As the workers stared dumfounded at the pipe, young girls in pea-green hairnets were passing out pea-green gloves to members of the pea-green battalion.
    • They had donned hairnets and gloves to gather DNA samples not previously submitted.
    • You stand naked in a booth, after covering toes, feet and hands with barrier cream and placing a hairnet over your hair, and press the green button to activate the tanning spray.
    • Grandma's tall, gray wig was removed from her head, revealing what was presumably long, black hair scrunched up into a hairnet.
    • She then took of her helmet and pulled off her hairnet.
    • A scary woman with white hair and a hairnet was staring me down as I clutched my lunch tray.
    • Chips from the polish may fall into your food, as might hair if a hairnet is not worn.
    • A large woman on the opposite side of the glass shield, sporting a near-oversized white apron and a hairnet over her curly hair, took a spoonful and poured it into a bowl, then handed it over the protective glass.
    • The satiny chain-link pouches add a spot of granny chic to your wardrobe without making you look like you're on the fast track to bad perfume, hairnets, elastic waistbands, and orthopedic shoes.
    • Technicians in white coats, latex gloves, and hairnets walk the halls and move about the lab purposefully.
    • The only drawback is you gotta wear one of those old-lady hairnets.
    • And added she used two hairnets so it's more ‘secure’.
    • Men in white overalls and hairnets walk between the sheds.